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Me: I've never had anything waxed.
Samantha: What?! We will absolutely have to do something about that.

This is a conversation I had with my cousin. I jokingly slid my way around the subject and we moved on to the next topic.

Then, a few weeks later, I turned 30. For whatever reason I was a typical 30th birthday dread-er. I'm past it, I am thankful to have celebrated this milestone and to be where I am in life ... but still, 30.
The next time I saw my cousin her up and coming Downtown Denver salon was finished and of course I had to see it! I should have known that between my desire to try new things in my 30s and the adorable atmosphere of her space that I would be persuaded to take the plunge.
Every inch of the salon is classy and welcoming.

At the right old age of 26 + four years and four months I finally gave waxing a try.

We had all of the kids with us (five of them between the two of us) so there wasn't much time to make this blog a juicy tell all about my first bazillion wax. You're welcome.

No, instead I got my eyebrows done. Let me back up, for the longest time I've had eyebrow envy. If you've got naturally gorgeous eyebrows, or if you can make them look amazing you can count on me complimenting them. I bought myself a magnified mirror at far too young of an age and my eyebrows suffered the consequences. I'm still waiting for these suckers in the middle to grow back. I've considered micro-blading but I just can't bring myself to spend the money on that (yet).

So, I hop up on the extremely comfortable table to have my eyebrows done and Sam asks how I would like them. I take a look at hers and say, "Like yours! I really want them to have nice shape and to look the way all those fancy eyebrows out there look."

Before I know it there is a soft and warm wax on my eyebrow. I am completely intrigued by how soft the wax is. When the wax was removed I was prepared for pain and I hardly felt a thing! I was pleasantly surprised. I started jabbering and asking questions about the wax Sam was using. She said she's used several different waxes but is partial to a soft wax and using a pellon (a strip) to remove all body hair. The wax is very high quality and imported from Italy. No wonder it feels so nice!

After she was done I was so surprised at how soft and hair-free my skin was! I had a little bit of redness from the extraction but absolutely no reaction to the wax itself!

I learned several things after my first waxing:
     1) I have sister eyebrows, not twins 2) I'm officially hooked on waxing.

Next time, larger surface area!

See the shape of the right eyebrow?!

*This was not a paid post. I wanted to share this business with you! I am extremely proud of my cousin. She had a vision to open her own salon in Downtown Denver and she did!

Next time you're in the Denver area give yourself the gift of a day at the salon!

1918 Logan Street, Unit A

Denver, CO 80203


Some facts about Uprooted Waxing:

  • Supporting this business means supporting an entrepreneur mama on a mission
  • Uprooted Waxing strives to minimize waste and always uses organic, gluten free & vegan products when possible
  • Carseat babies are welcome and the company is 100% supportive of breastfeeding mamas! 
  • What are you waiting for?

BolderLips gloss!

I have been employed at BolderBand for two and a half years. My favorite part of my job is woking for a family that is worth working for. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting JD and Amy Crouse you will know exactly what I mean. They are the kind of bosses that you want to do good work for! Couple that with a company founded on faith and I'm honored to be their employee.

When Amy told me a lip gloss line was coming to BolderBand I was excited and immediately was reminded of something she told me when we were at dinner last year. She said, "I love lip gloss, it takes me from feeling like a four to a seven, just like that."

Truth is, I haven't worn lip gloss since high school, maybe college. I'm not sure why, because shouldn't we all feel at least like a seven?!
Amy sent me the BolderLips gloss collection. Ladies, I've been missing out. I definitely feel like this gloss takes me up to feeling like a seven. I love them all, so do my girls. The best part is that I am happy to share with them because the BolderLips line is made here in the USA and are paraben free!

If I have to pick a favorite, it would be the peppermint twist! I like the rich color as well as the tingle. The best part about the entire collection is they last! I put my gloss on in the morning and my lips feel hydrated until lunch. What are you waiting for, jump over to bbolder.com and find your favorite!

Wait, head to Instagram (@jamiereed26) for a giveaway!

Contest rules: 
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*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Family & Friends,

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for visiting our blog to catch up with us! There are links throughout this post that explain our more exciting news from 2017. 
My husband, Mr. Never Does Anything Half Way, built a snowman the girls talked about for weeks.
Tim and I got to go on a snowboarding date in February (while Papa Joe babysat). Neither of us had been in over 8 years!
Many trips to the Butterfly Pavilion were taken. We love "experience" gifts!
Karoline and I got to give ice skating a try on a couple of mother/daughter dates.
Snow days this year were fun with our big girls!
Karoline danced in her first dance show with one of her best fiends, Hannah.
The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays
From the outside looking I'm sure it seemed like a quick decision. We said goodbye to the big city and our home, and returned to Canon City in late July.
We made the most of the end of summer in southern Colorado!
Karoline started kindergarten this year. This has been quite an adjustment for this stay at home mom!
We got to take several trips to see our cousins. Cutest babes all in one tub!
And if sending Karoline to school wasn't hard enough, then Alexandra asked me if she could start school!
We have had several outings with the family we missed while we were away.
However, trips to Denver to see our friends that we love are always fun!
I turned 30 this year! While my friend was in town we celebrated the big 3-0 by going to the Royal Gorge on her birthday!
Thank the Lord our girls are healthy, growing and the greatest friends. 

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*We post updates often, check back to stay in touch with our family!

Flipside Prints

While we are building our home we are living in my father in law's full basement. We made it a priority to update this space. New ceilings, paint and carpet. Even though this space is temporary I knew I needed it to be a bright and cheerful area that we will call home for this time frame. The best way for me to make a space ours is to decorate it!

When Flipside Prints contacted me to try out their product I was thrilled.

Y'all, installation was fool proof. I didn't have to ask my husband for any help!
*Bonus: with Flipsides creative magnetic hanging system I didn't have to put any holes in the wall. This is fantastic, as I am notorious for needing about three or four attempts with a nail before getting it right.
This is one of my favorite corners in our living space! It feel so complete and cheerful with our new prints!

Now, while I'm a self proclaimed summer girl, I do recognize that it is indeed Fall. Having the option to "flip" our prints to a more Fall feel has me loving the versatility of this product!
The girls LOVE the prints and have been trying to duplicate the tulips since I put them up!

Having the option to move these around the house really makes my heart happy. I am a big fan using what we have in our home and moving things around the space to make it new!
Tulips are my favorite flower so selecting our prints was super easy. I am anxiously awaiting a holiday addition to switch out our prints to add some cheer.

I'm hooked and want to share this innovative, cute and super easy product with you. Use the code "HANGWITHUS" for $5 off your first purchase with Flipside Prints!

**While Flipside Prints gifted me the prints for purpose of a review, all opinions are my own!**

Ooby Dooby Baby

I've been searching for stylish and practical clothes for our girls for a while. Here's my dilemma, I really want them to look cute and stylish, but I need their clothes to be simple and practical too.

Then I found Ooby Dooby Baby, a company owned by a mom to two girls. Obviously I had to check it out. I loved what I saw! Cute and practical clothes that can be dressed up or rocked plain to make a bold statement. 

When the opportunity to collaborate with Ooby Dooby Baby came about I knew I had to jump on it!

I selected the "I am Brave, Fearless & Strong" tee for Alexandra. If you know her, you know these words define our little curly haired girl.

In my mind I had a great expectation for what would come of our photoshoot. Colorado had other plans and threw me a curve ball with an extremely cold (even though it was sunny) morning on the day we had set aside to take pictures. Being the mom that I am I couldn't fight it. I didn't want to force pictures into happening on a day that was proving ready to fight back. So we went home and played for a bit to warm up.

Typically I size up when purchasing the girls clothes. Usually they fit for a couple of years when I do this. I don't have to worry about shirts being too short then either. For whatever reason I forgot to size up with this order. Thankfully Ooby Dooby Baby makes pretty much the most perfect tee I've ever put on one of the girls and it fit's exactly how I like them to!

Check out Ooby Dooby Baby to find the tee (or bib) that fits your little one. With every purchase the company donates a portion of the sale to ChildHelp, a great organization that helps children who are abused.

A New Zoo

Today we had a follow up doctors appointment to check on Karoline's ear drum that ruptured last Thursday. These are the moments that are not in the parent hand book. I had no knowledge of ear aches (praise the Lord neither of the girls had ever ha one, until now) or even that ear drums could rupture! Now I do. 

To make the most of the day we decided to try a new (to the girls) zoo! We grabbed Uncle Scottie and headed to the Pueblo Zoo. While it was smaller than the Denver Zoo, I really enjoyed the intimate (read, not crowded) atmosphere. We were able to walk at our leisure and weren't in anyones way, because we were the only ones there!
So thankful to see this smile again. Seeing your kids sick has to be the worst.
Little chickens!
We needed a picture with the lion who watched us go around the entire exhibit!

We had the entire play structure all to ourselves. I still need to blog about our move home, it's been harder than I expected. But days like today go on the positives list: time with family, less crowds and I love the Southern Colorado warm weather!

Christmas in October

There are some days that I hope I don't forget. Yesterday when I took the girls to the "North Pole" is  one of them.
I'm not sure if it was the magic of Santa, the beautiful 75 degree weather or the company that made this day magical. I have a sneaky suspicion it was a combination of all three.
Our first "real" ride (other than the Denver Zoo carousel and train)! Both girls were a little timid but warmed up quickly.
I discovered that neither of the girls have a fear of heights.
Sweet friends are such a blessing!
This girl chose the motorcycle, just like dad.

If you haven't made your way to the North Pole make sure to add it to your Colorado bucket list. As an added bonus, October is Military appreciation month and the discount is significant (as it should be)!