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The Builder’s Wife

When we decided to move to Canon City it seemed like a quick decision. From the time we, "pulled the trigger," to the time we closed on our house was about two months. Apparently this is just how we make big decisions (we were married two months to the day after our first date).

However, I find comfort in knowing this plan, this big move, was orchestrated long before we decided to sell our house and say goodbye to the big city.

I want to take you on the journey of how we came to where we are today. There have been several seemingly little moments that have taken place over the last seven years that have been reminders of faith. We are blessed to know that God's plan for our lives is far greater than what we can even imagine.

Please enjoy the story of how I have become, The Builder's Wife.

Tim and I grew up in the same small town of Canon City, Colorado. After we got married it was no surprise that both our families use the same accountant. Seven years ago my mom was in a meeting with our CPA, Linda, dropping off her yearly tax forms. This was the first time she had spoken with Linda since Tim and I had been married. I imagine their conversation went something like this... My mom most likely mentioned that Tim was a hard working guy and that she was happy I had found someone like him. Linda's response reciprocated that Tim is indeed is a hard worker. She said, "His gift is his hands." Since she has known my husband, his family and their work she could say this with confidence. She knows that anything he does in the construction industry he does right and efficiently. "His gift is his hands," has stuck with me all these years.

Around this time we made the decision to leave home. The construction industry was slow and we were ready to step out on our own.

We moved to Denver and started our family. After two years of renting we felt it was time to buy a home. If you know anything about the Denver market in the last five years you know it has been, and still is, quite insane. Thankfully, with the help of Tim's aunt and uncle, we were able to secure a realtor who knows the market better than the back of his hand. His guidance was (and continues to be) invaluable. With his help we put in an offer on a house (only after looking at hundreds online and spending numerous days out viewing homes). Our offer, while it was the highest, wasn't accepted. The seller needed a rent back option and we were unable to give that in the terms.

Defeated we began to search again. We were getting desperate and a bit deflated. Then we got a phone call. The buyers, that were selected for the home we had made an offer on, didn't qualify for their loan. Our realtor said in all of his years he hadn't seen a scenario like this and we were very fortunate to get the house. From then on out we always viewed our house as a gift. We had a home in a beautiful neighborhood. One that we loved at first sight.

Shortly after we moved into our house I started baby sitting for our neighbors. I would pick up their twins after school and hang out with them until their parents got home. Karoline was about 18 months old and Tim was on swing shift, which had him working in the afternoon. It was a good fit. It was there that I saw two of Dave Ramsey's books. I asked if I could borrow both. At the time we were comfortable and doing fairly well but we knew we wanted better control over our finances. We had no credit card debt but we were a one income family in a two income city.

Thinking about it now I am in awe at how quickly we dove into those books. We both read a different one and would tell each other about the highlights and the key points. This is when we feel like a seed was planted. What would it look like to be completely debt free? How would that feel?

A few years and another baby later and we couldn't shake that question. It was a common theme in our conversations and always in the back of our minds. We began to throw out ideas. A key component to our dreams became the knowledge that our home had gained a sizable amount of equity in the four years we had owned it. Our house was our gift and maybe the gift was that we would be able to use the equity to do something. We referred to Matthew 25:14-30 and the parable of the three servants.

How could we make our money make us money? We looked at lots in Evergreen,  Colorado. We dreamed about ranches in Westcliffe. We seriously considered selling everything and moving to Hawaii.

Around this time it became apparent to both of us that we were going to need to make a change in Tim's employment situation. His promotion position was putting him in dangerous scenarios on a daily basis and it wasn't leaving either of us feeling comfortable with his employer.

I asked him, "What is your dream job?" His response has always been the same when I ask this question. He has wanted to build houses since the age of 15.

We started to seriously look at South Carolina. My aunt and uncle live there and were helping us formulate our dreams and plans. Simultaneously, we became addicted to Fixer Upper. The thought of buying a foreclosed home in an area where our equity would afford us to do a renovation project completely debt free was extremely appealing. We thought if we could get a flip under our belt then we could potentially build a home with the profit. However, the idea of uprooting to a new state was a bit overwhelming.

As the days and weeks went on we knew a change was coming. We still didn't know what.

Then God gave us another sign. While we were working outside and the girls were playing, Karoline came to get us to look at her sidewalk chalk drawing. Nothing out of the ordinary, so we took our time getting to her artwork. There it was, she had drawn our house. It wasn't a standard, square base and triangle roof with a few doors and windows. It was a floor plan. A very close replica to our home. Tim and I were both impressed. I could feel his heart swell and I can still see his face when I think about that day. Later he told me, we have to do something. We have to have a family business that she and her sister can contribute to down the road if they want to. We need to be working together on something.


When Karoline was one I took her swimming at the home of a childhood friends parents house in Canon City. His parents lived on Dalmatian Drive. A cute neighborhood with a brick and stone covenant. The yards were manicured and the sidewalks were in perfect condition. It was lovely. Yet, as we left their house I noticed one dirt lot left on the cul-de-sac. It stuck out like a sore thumb. I wondered why there was no house there. I looked at it for a few moments and moved on.

God works in amazing ways, I now know why there was no house there. That lot was meant for us.


"Owe nothing to anyone except to love and seek the best for one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law." -Romans 13:8

This is the verse that we leaned into as we continued to search for our next step. We felt like this was the way we were and are supposed to live our lives. Debt free. As we continued to press into this idea we decided that moving home to Canon City would allow us the freedom and comfort to make our dreams a reality.

Thanks to the equity we gained when we sold our home we were able to pay off our truck, van and motorcycle. Our three debts and mortgage were gone. We were completely debt free. We made the decision, almost like a pact with each other and God, that we would no longer take out a loan on a depreciating asset.

In our transition we began looking at lots in town to build our home. It wasn't until we decided to move forward with paying off our debts that we found the perfect lot. The last little lot on Dalmatian Drive.

Come to find out the lot had sat for all these years because there were two utility lines running right through the center of the property. However, the organization that owned the lot was ready to be free of it and recently paid to have the utilities rerouted. When Tim called on the lot he was pleasantly surprised to be speaking with a gentleman that he had known since high school and had worked with many times since. This is the essence of a small town.

We were able to make a full asking price, cash offer on the lot. It was accepted.

We are eager to start building our home. Tim has put a lot of time into the plans and preparations that come with building your own home. On April 19, 2018, we got the phone call, my husbands hard work had paid off. Our construction loan was approved! The joy in his voice is something I will hold with me forever. It was unsurmountable.

One day I told Tim, "I'm excited to be the builder's wife, it has a nice ring to it."

I've had the hardest time getting to the creative point to write this. Last Fall I went on a women's retreat and was told, "God Gifts and Satin Silences." One day I would like to write a book. Until then blogging is my platform and this is my gift.

If you've stuck with me this far I hope you've enjoyed reading about the seemingly small moments that have brought us to where we are today. I believe God had this plan in mind far before we ever did.

To follow our building process jump on over to my husband's website where I will be blogging as the Builder's Wife to chronicle the process from start to finish. My first post there will include a 3D rendering of our home and the blueprint of our house!

The view that we will see from our living room and kitchen
The west side of the lot looking east. The slope of the lot allows for a walk-out basement style home.
This is the front of the lot looking north-west. This neighborhood is called "Fireman's Bluff." The girls love visiting the lot and are quite content to play in the dirt.
The last little lot on Dalmatian Drive. The lot that makes me, The Builder's Wife.
April 27, 2018, after signing our construction loan paperwork. Construction is set to begin in the next 3-4 weeks and we are thrilled!

Not a baby any more, you’re four!


About a week ago I was asking you how is it that you've gotten so big. You're response was, "I'll always be your baby, mom." This instantly moved me to tears. Yes, you will always be my baby. But somehow, in the last year, your sweet baby frame has become that of a little girl. Gone are your toddler belly and little wrist wrinkles. 

Perhaps more telling of your age is your demeanor. Oh, little bug, you are so smart. You astound us daily with your knowledge of life and your ability to take care of yourself. All the while perfecting your sign language ABC's and rattling off facts that you remember from school or things you had overheard. 

We adore you. You are a sweet and sensitive girl. All we have to do is give you "the look" and you melt to tears. Your eagerness to please is precious. 

Four years ago I was hoping you would be born on 4/14/14. There was no end of labor in sight and you had a plan of your own as to when you would enter the world. Your birth story is one of my most favorite stories. Because you, my Danda girl, are one of my most astounding blessings. 

This year it has become wildly apparent that you were born with a love for Jesus in your heart. I have a feeling that God has big plans for you. Watching your journey is something I consider myself privileged to witness. 

Happy birthday, my sweet, joyful, Danda bug. We love you so much. 

Love, Mommy
*Here are some of my most favorite photos of you from the last year! 
Post nap snuggles with you are my FAVORITE!
This might be one of my most favorite photos of you, ever!

3/15/18, You asked Jesus into your heart!
We can always count on you for a good laugh.

Very thankful that you still love being close to momma!

Your first day of school!

Leave it to you ...

You loved those little "heal" flip flops

One of the first times we were able to get a bow to stay in your hair.

You're an amazing helper. You see what someone needs and do it!

You don't mind getting messy!

My sweet, little lamb-y!


Me: I've never had anything waxed.
Samantha: What?! We will absolutely have to do something about that.

This is a conversation I had with my cousin. I jokingly slid my way around the subject and we moved on to the next topic.

Then, a few weeks later, I turned 30. For whatever reason I was a typical 30th birthday dread-er. I'm past it, I am thankful to have celebrated this milestone and to be where I am in life ... but still, 30.
The next time I saw my cousin her up and coming Downtown Denver salon was finished and of course I had to see it! I should have known that between my desire to try new things in my 30s and the adorable atmosphere of her space that I would be persuaded to take the plunge.
Every inch of the salon is classy and welcoming.

At the right old age of 26 + four years and four months I finally gave waxing a try.

We had all of the kids with us (five of them between the two of us) so there wasn't much time to make this blog a juicy tell all about my first bazillion wax. You're welcome.

No, instead I got my eyebrows done. Let me back up, for the longest time I've had eyebrow envy. If you've got naturally gorgeous eyebrows, or if you can make them look amazing you can count on me complimenting them. I bought myself a magnified mirror at far too young of an age and my eyebrows suffered the consequences. I'm still waiting for these suckers in the middle to grow back. I've considered micro-blading but I just can't bring myself to spend the money on that (yet).

So, I hop up on the extremely comfortable table to have my eyebrows done and Sam asks how I would like them. I take a look at hers and say, "Like yours! I really want them to have nice shape and to look the way all those fancy eyebrows out there look."

Before I know it there is a soft and warm wax on my eyebrow. I am completely intrigued by how soft the wax is. When the wax was removed I was prepared for pain and I hardly felt a thing! I was pleasantly surprised. I started jabbering and asking questions about the wax Sam was using. She said she's used several different waxes but is partial to a soft wax and using a pellon (a strip) to remove all body hair. The wax is very high quality and imported from Italy. No wonder it feels so nice!

After she was done I was so surprised at how soft and hair-free my skin was! I had a little bit of redness from the extraction but absolutely no reaction to the wax itself!

I learned several things after my first waxing:
     1) I have sister eyebrows, not twins 2) I'm officially hooked on waxing.

Next time, larger surface area!

See the shape of the right eyebrow?!

*This was not a paid post. I wanted to share this business with you! I am extremely proud of my cousin. She had a vision to open her own salon in Downtown Denver and she did!

Next time you're in the Denver area give yourself the gift of a day at the salon!

1918 Logan Street, Unit A

Denver, CO 80203


Some facts about Uprooted Waxing:

  • Supporting this business means supporting an entrepreneur mama on a mission
  • Uprooted Waxing strives to minimize waste and always uses organic, gluten free & vegan products when possible
  • Carseat babies are welcome and the company is 100% supportive of breastfeeding mamas! 
  • What are you waiting for?

BolderLips gloss!

I have been employed at BolderBand for two and a half years. My favorite part of my job is woking for a family that is worth working for. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting JD and Amy Crouse you will know exactly what I mean. They are the kind of bosses that you want to do good work for! Couple that with a company founded on faith and I'm honored to be their employee.

When Amy told me a lip gloss line was coming to BolderBand I was excited and immediately was reminded of something she told me when we were at dinner last year. She said, "I love lip gloss, it takes me from feeling like a four to a seven, just like that."

Truth is, I haven't worn lip gloss since high school, maybe college. I'm not sure why, because shouldn't we all feel at least like a seven?!
Amy sent me the BolderLips gloss collection. Ladies, I've been missing out. I definitely feel like this gloss takes me up to feeling like a seven. I love them all, so do my girls. The best part is that I am happy to share with them because the BolderLips line is made here in the USA and are paraben free!

If I have to pick a favorite, it would be the peppermint twist! I like the rich color as well as the tingle. The best part about the entire collection is they last! I put my gloss on in the morning and my lips feel hydrated until lunch. What are you waiting for, jump over to bbolder.com and find your favorite!

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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Family & Friends,

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for visiting our blog to catch up with us! There are links throughout this post that explain our more exciting news from 2017. 
My husband, Mr. Never Does Anything Half Way, built a snowman the girls talked about for weeks.
Tim and I got to go on a snowboarding date in February (while Papa Joe babysat). Neither of us had been in over 8 years!
Many trips to the Butterfly Pavilion were taken. We love "experience" gifts!
Karoline and I got to give ice skating a try on a couple of mother/daughter dates.
Snow days this year were fun with our big girls!
Karoline danced in her first dance show with one of her best fiends, Hannah.
The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays
From the outside looking I'm sure it seemed like a quick decision. We said goodbye to the big city and our home, and returned to Canon City in late July.
We made the most of the end of summer in southern Colorado!
Karoline started kindergarten this year. This has been quite an adjustment for this stay at home mom!
We got to take several trips to see our cousins. Cutest babes all in one tub!
And if sending Karoline to school wasn't hard enough, then Alexandra asked me if she could start school!
We have had several outings with the family we missed while we were away.
However, trips to Denver to see our friends that we love are always fun!
I turned 30 this year! While my friend was in town we celebrated the big 3-0 by going to the Royal Gorge on her birthday!
Thank the Lord our girls are healthy, growing and the greatest friends. 

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*We post updates often, check back to stay in touch with our family!

Flipside Prints

While we are building our home we are living in my father in law's full basement. We made it a priority to update this space. New ceilings, paint and carpet. Even though this space is temporary I knew I needed it to be a bright and cheerful area that we will call home for this time frame. The best way for me to make a space ours is to decorate it!

When Flipside Prints contacted me to try out their product I was thrilled.

Y'all, installation was fool proof. I didn't have to ask my husband for any help!
*Bonus: with Flipsides creative magnetic hanging system I didn't have to put any holes in the wall. This is fantastic, as I am notorious for needing about three or four attempts with a nail before getting it right.
This is one of my favorite corners in our living space! It feel so complete and cheerful with our new prints!

Now, while I'm a self proclaimed summer girl, I do recognize that it is indeed Fall. Having the option to "flip" our prints to a more Fall feel has me loving the versatility of this product!
The girls LOVE the prints and have been trying to duplicate the tulips since I put them up!

Having the option to move these around the house really makes my heart happy. I am a big fan using what we have in our home and moving things around the space to make it new!
Tulips are my favorite flower so selecting our prints was super easy. I am anxiously awaiting a holiday addition to switch out our prints to add some cheer.

I'm hooked and want to share this innovative, cute and super easy product with you. Use the code "HANGWITHUS" for $5 off your first purchase with Flipside Prints!

**While Flipside Prints gifted me the prints for purpose of a review, all opinions are my own!**