Today was yet another beautiful day!

This morning I decided to take all of the essentials with me today so that I could sleep in for another 20 minutes which was fabulous. After getting ready I felt great, I was well rested, my hair and make up was done!

We went on another walk today and the weather was great! After getting Jake down for an afternoon nap I even got to read outside for a little while.

Not a whole lot to report today, just a nice relaxing day. Oh, Tim got to go golfing today upon my request. There is a golf course that allows Coors employees to play for $13...well worth his sanity and for him to get a little vitamin D!

This evening I am finally going to check out a store that I have been wanting to visit for quite some time. I'll have a full report tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great day.


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  1. No better plan to spend time in the sun on a beautiful day!