After I watched the movie, "The Vow" last night I was left with a few thoughts. What if you had the chance to do everything over again, would you? If you did choose to do it all over again, how would it turn out?

Are we predestined, would the outcome be the same even if you had a second chance?

With my due date drawing near I find myself wondering what it is that I want to do. Funny that it can take this long to figure it out. Or maybe you never "figure it out." Maybe you do what you have to do (career wise) and enjoy all of the other things in life, the important things.

For me, it's the people in my life that make it worth wild that make it just right. I know there are some people who are career driven and that is how they define themselves. That life style was never for me, and I'd like to believe that given the chance to do it over again that I would come to the same conclusion.

But, I do think I know what it is that I would like to try and pursue. I've tried several times to write a book, but I've never finished. There are about three ideas I have rolling around in my head, maybe it's time to finally finish one.

Enjoy the day!

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