Thank goodness for the internet! How did parents before the world wide web survive? I am so thankful that every question I have can be typed into the google bar and ta dah, there's an answer. What a neat and wonderful parenting tool.

Looking forward to this weekend. Tim has two full days off, woohoo! We plan to go golfing, watch a few movies and have dinner with some family on Sunday. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


I am so blessed to have such a sweet baby girl. Her smiles make every day a new adventure.


Today was a wonderful day! When I woke up I was greeted by a toothless and beautiful smile. My first thought was that I am so thankful that I woke up and so did my daughter. She is such a blessing in my life and I enjoy every minute I get with her.

Babies are such a blessing and joy, I pray all babies are loved.


Today at 11:49 a.m. my 5 week old daughter rolled over from her stomach to her back. She did this all on her own and did it on purpose. She was tired of being on her stomach so she did something about it.

She may not do it again for a few months but I was beyond excited that both her dad and I were able to witness it! She is a tough and strong girl, I wouldn't be surprised if she did it again soon.

It's hot out there, don't melt away!