I hope you dance!

I have a new daily goal!

My plan is to make sure that when I go to bed at night that I know I had a good day. That's not to say that every day is going to be "perfect" but, I will attempt to have the perfect attitude about every day.

That being said, I do believe that Karoline is teething, she sure did make my first day of having a better attitude a bit difficult. But, we weathered the storm and have made it through most of the day. Poor girl, she really isn't feeling too well.

When I get the choice, I'm going to dance, smile, laugh and love ... so that every day is just right!

To do lists ...

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do so much but for some reason or another you just don't do it?

I always find myself thinking that I want to do so many things and get disappointed with myself when I don't do them. The schedule that my husband is on for work I think plays a part in this. By the time we get up and going it's mid to late morning and when he is home I want to spend all of my time with him. This leaves me with the option to do things once he leaves. Well at this point in time I have already made breakfast, lunch and packed his dinner box, not to mention all of the other ins and outs of taking care of Karoline. And well, I am just about exhausted.

However, I've found that if I make myself a list of the things I want to do then it doesn't seem like I am as overwhelmed by these things rolling around in my head. Often times the list is actually shorter and more manageable then I think it is!

I'm off to make my list, I hope your day was just right.


The mommy/wife dairies starts here ...

The first few months of becoming a new mother are a roller coaster! The highs and lows of everyday life occur in such a speed in which it makes the ride seem like a blurr. I am thankful that the ride is always a fun one.

Today my little peanut was a bit gassy, I was a little tired and together we were a force to be reckoned with ... my poor husband. I'm off to bed to try to avoid being sleepy tomorrow. Good night world, I hope you all sleep well!