To do lists ...

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do so much but for some reason or another you just don't do it?

I always find myself thinking that I want to do so many things and get disappointed with myself when I don't do them. The schedule that my husband is on for work I think plays a part in this. By the time we get up and going it's mid to late morning and when he is home I want to spend all of my time with him. This leaves me with the option to do things once he leaves. Well at this point in time I have already made breakfast, lunch and packed his dinner box, not to mention all of the other ins and outs of taking care of Karoline. And well, I am just about exhausted.

However, I've found that if I make myself a list of the things I want to do then it doesn't seem like I am as overwhelmed by these things rolling around in my head. Often times the list is actually shorter and more manageable then I think it is!

I'm off to make my list, I hope your day was just right.

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