A lot has changed since my last blog, including the title. Reed All About It, a clever play on my last name. Alright, maybe not so clever but I sure thought it was a cute way to tie in my name.

Karoline has grown into such a fun little person. She smiles and laughs and also puts up the best nap time fights, as she is right now. I'm trying to do this to keep myself occupied. She has been feed and changed, I know she is tired but man can the girl put up a fight.

Tim and I adore our sweet baby girl, she truly is such a miracle.

I am so blessed to be able to stay home with her and watch her grow. I wouldn't trade all the riches in the world to have to send her off somewhere every day.

That being said, I have found a job that I can do after she goes to bed at night. I am proud to announce that I am an independent consultant for Pampered Chef! When we registered with Pampered Chef for our wedding I came to LOVE the product. I'm looking forward to selling a product that I know I can stand behind.

A great new aspect to being an independent consultant for Pampered Chef is the "catalog" party. Which basically allows anyone anywhere to have a "virtual" party through my personal Pampered Chef website. I am beyond excited about this, I know I will be able to help furnish the kitchen of many friends who are not in Colorado. So, if you are interested in hosting a party or you would like the link to my personal Pampered Chef website please email me:

Hope you all have a great day and that it is Just Right!