Library Time

Yesterday we put Karoline down for naps 1 1/2-2 hours after she woke up, it was extremely successful.  She took naps up until 6pm, and she still slept really well last night, from 7:15pm-6am! We went ahead and did the same thing today and it seems to have been a good routine for her. She is such a happy girl when she gets enough sleep. I'm thrilled that she is finally letting us know what she needs.

Today was a fun day. I got up with Karoline when she woke up the second time at 7:20am and we had our usual morning play time. I love reading books to her and getting some early morning smiles. This morning we all went and had a family outing. Karoline and I dropped Tim off at the gym and then we went over to the library for baby story hour. I love taking her to story time. She gets such a thrill out of watching all of the other kids. This also gives me a good reason to get dressed and ready for the day and to get her all dolled up. She was in a good mood today and was very interactive with everyone. 

After the library we picked up Tim and then went to the bank and came home. The days seem to be going by quickly. I know that before we know it she is going to be crawling and moving on to bigger milestones. Tonight I had some play time with Karoline just laying in bed laughing with her. The word, "boo" seems to be a laughter trigger for her. I love the sound of her laughter. I love when I take the time to just enjoy being with her. 

We do a bath every night, this seems to get her into bed time mode. After her bath when I was drying her hair I realized that it is getting quite long now. About an inch, I couldn't believe it! I also put her into 6 month pajamas tonight, this was quite a trigger for me. She is getting older and growing, definitely a good thing, but still shocking. I feel like babies older than 6 months old aren't "little babies" any more. I can't believe the little baby stage is almost over. I know that the next stages will bring amazing and wonderful experiences. Just have to cherish all of the memories from the little stage. Luckily those 6 month pajamas were still a little on the big side. 

I'm getting the hang of Pampered Chef. I submitted my first show and I'm working on my second tomorrow. My goal is to only ever work on PC things when Karoline is asleep. However, I've been staying pretty busy with it. Karoline always comes first but I've found that when she is content and playing I can organize my desk or do a little bit here and there. I make sure that she is happy first. I think this is a good thing, she does enjoy playing with out me right in her face.

Speaking of which, every baby I have nannied for went through the, "scream when you leave the room" phase. Karoline is at the age that she should be going through this, if she is going to. But, she has not! I am thrilled with this. In my opinion she has not gone through this because I get to be a stay at home mom. Have I mentioned that I love being able to stay home with her?! Another reason why she may have avoided this phase is the lay out of our home. It's very open and she can usually see where we are. 

I think that's about all that I have for today. Tomorrow is a new day. 

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