Love and Laughter

Today Karoline was up at 3am (I'd like to personally thank whoever decided that time changes were a good idea). She used to sleep from 7pm-7am with one feeding around 4-5am. Now it seems as though she is up to eat around 3 and then is ready to be up for the day at 6am. The only problem with this is that she now needs more naps through out the day. Which wouldn't be a problem if she weren't such a strong willed little princess. I must make the disclaimer that I would rather her be strong willed ... anyway, the only way for her to nap is to put in her bed and let her cry. I know there are millions of people who think this is horrible. However, it is the only way she will nap. She cries for about 15 minutes and then she will sleep. If you try to rock her, hold her like a baby ... anything that a "normal" baby would like does not work. She is far to advanced for her body. Her poor little mind wants to move and do what she wants but the legs just aren't working. When she lays on her stomach she air swims and can completely spin around but still no forward movement. Soon though, I'm sure.

Along with the early start today was coupled with the first real signs that a tooth may be coming soon. Her desire to chew on anything and everything she can see was at an all time high today. Poor little bug, I sure hope that she has softened her gums up enough that it won't bother her. I'm really hoping to avoid giving her medicine. Not because I want her to be in pain but more so that I would like for her to be able to have a natural remedy to sooth the pain. I've seen several different options. "Momsicle," just breast milk frozen around a pacifier. Oh, right she doesn't like pacifiers, guess we will figure something out.

This morning Tim said something that made my day. He said that one of the best parts about working swing shift is that he gets to spend the day with Karoline and I. If he worked the day shift he would only have about 3 hours (if that) with Karoline before she went to bed. We really enjoy our mornings. Plus, the last couple of days he has even made breakfast. Score. That's been very nice. I also feel like the house was cleaner today, usually Monday is spent cleaning up the "living" from the weekend and it didn't seem to take as long today. He is definitely an amazing guy. Still a guy, but when it really comes down to it he is pretty awesome, I won't get all mushy gushy. But, just know that I am thankful for the things he does. I have found myself not mentioning when I get stranded in the bathroom with out toilet paper. There are just some things that aren't worth nagging.

This afternoon Karoline and I went out with three errands to do: post office, library story time and the bank. When we got to the post office I quickly realized that today is Veteran's Day (observed), thank you Vets. Funny thing about being a stay at home mom. This is the second time that I've gone out with the intent to do things that were not accomplished because of a holiday. Last time I even had to call my dad (Federal worker-always has the national holidays) and ask him what holiday it was. Couldn't tell ya know what it was, mom brain? Any who, I tried my hand at the little machine at the post office to send my package and it was quite easy. I will be doing that from now on if there lines. I wonder if eventually they will all be like that. When we got to the library I was relieved to see a full parking lot and that story time was still on. On Monday story time is all ages, Karoline is usually the only baby. I still enjoy the break from being in the house even though she is not old enough to do the craft. Part of me wants to do one anyway with her in my lap. But, she seems to want to put everything in her mouth and I highly doubt I'd be able to get her to sit with me to do one. After story time we went by the bank, no holiday alternative there. So, two of our three we were able to accomplish. Not to bad.

Today I was able to make Karoline laugh while on the phone with my mom. Her laughter is golden to me. When Tim and I hear her laugh we stop what we are doing and listen. Then we try to keep her laughing. It is a glorious sound.

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