Such a blessing is a true friend. Today Karoline and I were fortunate enough to go see my childhood best friend, Catlin. I met her and her husband as well as his family at Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO. I'm not sure it's entirely correct to say that it's a "landmark" but I can almost bet that any Colorado kid has fond memories of the restaurant. It is quite interesting to go back as an adult to see how different everything looks through grown up eyes. For starters, has the huge iconic pink building really always been in the corner of a strip mall? Karoline was quite content to take in stimulation in every direction. There were Christmas lights everywhere, decorations and the sound of the waterfall. She loved it. 

I am so glad we were able to meet up, there are very few people in life that you can be away from for months or years at a time and still be able to pick up right where you left off. There are many differences now, we have husbands and families. But, our friendship is still there. Blessed. 

Today Karoline was so close to getting up to crawl on her knees. I've said it before but I am sure it's going to be any day now. 

Tim has a four day weekend and we are loving every minute of being extremely laid back. I'm hoping that in taking it easy he will finally kick the sinus infection/cold/cough of yuck. He literally could be the inspiration for the commercial that depicts the man who needs cough medicine to not wake the sleeping baby. However, over the counter cough medicine is not even a match for this!

We were driving home from Karoline's doctors appointment the other day and I saw a for sale sign on a house in a neighborhood we have wanted to look around. The house I saw originally was far too expensive. We ended up driving around the area for a little while and stumbled upon an adorable little starter home. We are hoping to take a look at the inside soon, Tim called the realtor and now we are just waiting for a call back. The house is a foreclosure. So, Tim would be able to do quite a bit of improvements and it's something that we could hold onto as a rental or could sell after a few years and hopefully make a profit. I am hoping and praying that if this is the path we are supposed to take that we will be guided in making all of our decisions. 

For some reason or another, I'm exhausted. Heading to bed to read a book on my phone, I love technology! 

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