Today I went to the grocery store and really stocked up! It is supposed to be a very chilly weekend and I wanted to avoid going out unless I have to or want to. Carrying in groceries in single digit weather is not my idea of fun so I made sure that we would be good for quite a while.

After going to two grocery stores I spent almost half of my budget for the month. However, this trip included quite a bit of duplicates. For example, today breakfast sausage was only $2.50, there have been times that I have paid $3.99 for the same item. So, I made sure to grab a few! In addition, most of the meals, if not all of them that we are making this week are meals that will produce left overs. Thus, our shopping trip for next week should be very minimal.

Tim was funny, when I got home he said, "Man, living is expensive." Yes, I suppose it is. But, I have an overwhelming feeling that everything is going to work out. It really always does. We have everything we need and most of what we want. Just right, good night!

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