Happy Holidays

Family and friends, 

It’s that time of year again! I believe it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun!

Right now I am watching my sweet almost year and a half year old, Karoline, pretend to clean up her baby doll. I have to admit that I get a kick out of watching her “clean” and organize. She is such a sweet girl. If she spills she will say, “uh-oh,” run into the kitchen, grab a towel and clean up her mess. Before bed she has to insure that all of her toys are cleaned up and that the shoes are lined up by the back door. Did I mention I love this child?! Her vocabulary grows more every day and she is now combing words to make sentences. It astounds us when we turn around to find her doing something that neither of us has showed her but rather she watched us do one time.

Tim recently was promoted at work, he is now a specialist at the End Plant for MillerCoors. In September, he was selected to be apart of a company wide team that meets to discuss safety matters. This meant he got to take a business trip to Ohio in September for a week. He had never been east of the Mississippi so this was a neat experience for him. We recently found out he will be headed to Milwaukee for a week at the end of January. I'm excited that he is getting to travel. He will tell you he would rather be at home with us, such a sweet guy. But, from my point of view it's a great way to explore and see some states he would otherwise would not normally visit. So, to ensure he has a good time I send a long a pack of great snacks and a new picture of his sweet daughter! 

At this point in time I’m a stay at home wife and mom, and I am loving every minute of it. I am thankful that I have this opportunity, it is such a joy to be able to watch Karoline learn and grow. These last few weeks of watching her change and learn every day have been such a joy. There really is no other way to describe it than joyous. Lately I have had this overwhelming feeling and calm that I am in the right place doing the right thing. When I look over at my daughter and I see her learning how to open and close a purse or sitting and reading a book I just smile. I cherish the moments when she puts her hands up and says, "I want mama." I know that all too quickly she will grow into an independent little lady. 

In addition, we are expecting our second child, who we refer to as R2, due April 8, 2014. R2 is a very active belly baby, we can already see movement from the outside (we are now a complete 23 weeks along). At our 20 week ultra sound we were blessed to see that our little darling is a healthy baby. This go around we will continue our tradition of not finding out the gender of the baby. We had such an awesome experience with the delivery day surprise of Karoline!

Living in a home of our own has been an adventure. Like most new home owners we are learning that it seems there is always something to fix or replace. Last summer we enjoyed getting to spend our mornings outside in the back yard. Tim is working very hard on it to make it meet his standards. I on the other hand am still trying to acquire the little accents that will  make our house feel like a home. 

Every day is a new day and we are thankful for the opportunity to spend them together as a family that continues to grow.

We wish for you all a very happy holiday season.

Tim, Jamie, Karoline & R2

Our 2013 Christmas card photo

Let's be honest ...

This is my first blog post in months. Tim is off to finish up a motorcycle license class and Karoline is still asleep. To be completely honest, waking up early suits me. I enjoy how much energy I have with a few more minutes of alone time until my boss wakes up and calls, "mama, mama, mama, mama ..." you get the idea. I find it difficult to post in the evenings, by the time I get Karoline into bed, shower and eat it is already time for me to start thinking about bed myself so that I can do it all again tomorrow. No complaints here, it's just how things work out. So, perhaps I need to start waking up earlier to write, I miss it. I miss the idea of having a good place to store Karoline's accomplishments.

Here's a quick recap of our little princess. She sleeps 11 hours straight most nights, when she doesn't you would think our whole world was shaken. Thank goodness those nights are now very few and far between. She is starting to put sentences together. I've recently come to the realization that maybe it's only me that can figure out what she is saying sometimes but never the less she is doing it! Most sentences are, "I want a ...I need a..." but recently we got an, "I love you too." They were the most precious sounding words I've ever heard!

This week we get to go to our 20 week ultra sound appointment to finally see our little R2! I'm beyond excited. I feel like the pregnancy is flying by but at the same time creeping along. The perfect combination, I'm excited to meet the baby but am enjoying being pregnant. We've talked about this being our last baby, you never know but better to enjoy every minute of it just in case.

More later, the boss beacons!

Long time no blog

Finding time to blog has become something that has been pushed to the back of my agenda. I need to work on taking the time. At some point I think I would even like to redo the layout of my blog... someday. 

I suppose a quick recap of what's going on in our lives is in order. 

Tim received his first promotion at work. I'm beyond proud and know that he will only continue to work his way up. This week he was also invited to take his very first business trip to the brewery in Trenton, OH. He's never been east of the Mississippi. Again, I'm pretty stoked for this opportunity for him. He's such a great guy and I'm thankful that his work ethic is noticed by others. 

Karoline is growing and learning at such a remarkable pace. She completely understands everything we say to her and now can respond with short answers. She's such a doll. 

I have found that I am not the only one who feels like I'm alone. Alone in the sense that there are no friends near by that are the kind of friends that you can just show up or meet up on a moments notice. Several of my friends have told me they feel the same way. I am really hoping that as I am able to continue to get more involved with Karoline that we will find some friends. Friends that fit our family, dads get along, moms get along and the kiddos can play. Hopefully one day. 

It's been raining non stop for the last few days and I had really enjoyed the rain until today. I hadn't watched the news in a while and apparently their is flooding occurring all around us. Hoping and praying that everyone makes smart choices and listens to the warnings. 

Well, I've rediscovered that typing at night also has a knack for putting me to sleep. Good night!

Life As We Know It

Today started out great, Karoline slept well and slept in! We had a fun morning hanging out at home as a family and Tim went off to work. Sometimes I sure wish he didn't have to go to work, but it makes the time we are together even better.

This afternoon I had every intention of cleaning the house. Well, to be completely honest I never wanted to but I knew it needed to be done. When Karoline woke up from a long nap she was a happy girl, when her dad left, she was no longer a happy camper. She was fit to be tied and did not want my attention on anything but her. So, instead of cleaning we went to the pool. We had a great time and were there for a couple hours. We met another little girl just a few months older than K and they played for quite a while. In the mean time I was able to talk to her mom. I have come to the conclusion that moms really do enjoy talking to other moms. Most of the time I keep to myself because I worry that I will bug other moms. Come to find out, they want to talk too! It was a nice afternoon.

When we got home we did our usual routine and I was bound and determined to clean when Karoline was in bed. Like I mentioned, I really did not want to clean today. So, instead I watched a movie, "Life As We Know It." In the movie a one year old girl loses her parents and she is left to her parents best friends. This movie was hard for me to watch even before having Karoline and now after it's down right painful.

When Tim's mom passed away I never really had a break down cry like I usually do. Instead her passing has stuck with me longer and in a more painful way than any other death has. I have this constant fear of leaving my baby girl. I fear that something will happen to myself or to her, or to Tim and that we won't be able to watch her grow as a family. I would like to think that this is a fear that most moms go through. It's a terrible thought to have to think about someone else raising your child. Would they do the things you do, let her get away with things that you let her get away with? Would they let her fall so that she can learn to get back up? Would they teach her all about life and teach her to love Jesus like I would? That last part is the most important. Even though I have these fears I also have the comfort of knowing that everything happens for a reason. If, God forbid, for some reason I should not get to see Karoline grow up or Tim wouldn't or we both wouldn't we know that we would get to see her and be apart of her life from Heaven. Life is a gift and there are so many uncertain things that we can't control. For today I am beyond thankful that I chose to take my baby girl swimming at the pool. I got to watch her throw her diving ring and say, "Get it!" I got to see her play with another baby girl. I got to see her excitement of learning how to walk in a pool all by herself. I am thankful for every day that I get with her. She is such a joy in my life. I pray that I am always able to watch her grow and learn. I pray that if that is not what God's plan is for me that she will know that I am always with her. Even when I leave her now my heart and my mind are always with her. One of the greatest parts about having children is learning just how much your own parents love you. It's amazing to know that this love I have for Karoline is the same love my mom has for me. And even better yet this love is only a small percentage of the love that Jesus has for us.

I am thankful to be able to type out my feelings here on my blog. I hope that in some way those who take time to read my posts find them encouraging.

Pillow Cases

We had such a nice weekend just enjoying our time together and family. Saturday morning I went to IKEA and picked up our bedside tables and our dresser. Tim spent most of the day putting them together and they look great! We love them and are definitely impressed with the quality of the products. We will most definitely be shopping at IKEA again for our furniture and would recommend it to anyone. Tim said he can see how someone could get confused while putting the furniture together but that would be an operator error. He was rather impressed by how laid out the instructions were and the corresponding parts. 

On Sunday my mom, Karoline and myself went to the zoo, and we had a great. It was so nice to be able to use our zoo pass again. We were able to go in early and get through half of the park and ride the carrousel before it got too hot and too crowded. It was just right! While we were at the zoo Tim and Scottie went golfing and they had a really enjoyable time too. 

Sunday afternoon we went to dinner at our favorite fish taco place, Rubio's! 

Today we spent the morning cleaning up and getting the house back in order. About an hour before bedtime we had a delivery, our sheets made it here! I opened up the sheets and Karoline immediately went to the blankets and snuggled in. She loves blankets! At one point I looked over and she had a pillow case around her back and neck like a cape. When I asked her to look at me she had the pillow up to her head a little (very Virgin Marry looking). Her sweet adorable face was just perfect. She was so pleased with herself to be able to have gotten the pillow case to that location! That face is one that I will never forget, my innocent and cute little baby girl.

I should also mention that today is mine and Tim's 3rd anniversary. So much has happened in just three years and I'm looking forward to all of the years to come! 

Independence Day

Yesterday our family had such a lovely day celebrating our nations independence day! Mine and Karoline's day started pretty early, she was up at 6:30 but slept the night through. Since we were up we went to the grocery store. It was quite a large trip but it should allow us to not need to go to the store for 10 days or even longer.

When we got home from the store Tim was up and already doing a few things around the house. Through out the day we had a few snacks and did a few chores: cleaning, mowing the lawn and some playing with Karoline too of course. Karoline took a two hour nap that allowed Tim and I to look at vehicles online. I think we have finally decided on the vehicle we would like to get! Right now we are just waiting on a few things to fall into place and then we will get to go do a few test drives to make sure the car that we think we want is a good fit.

In the afternoon we set up Karoline's little pool as well as the sprinkler. She really doesn't seem to care to much for either but absolutely loves the community pool. I think we will be going there a few times a week for the rest of the summer.

We had the traditional Fourth of July meal ... Hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and watermelon. We also discovered that Karoline will eat hamburger when there is ketchup on the meat, good to know. Oh did I mention we ate dinner on a pic nic blanket in our back yard, it was a very fun night. We even saw a few fire works from our back yard. Little missy was so tired that she didn't even protest going to bed. She slept all night, got up at 5:15am, ate and went back to bed for a few hours.

Today was a good day as well, it started with a few errands and running to a few shops. Karoline was great, she didn't complain once and didn't even mind her car seat! It was fantastic! Shopping with her is a blast when she's in the mood.

The day felt very long since Tim didn't have to go to work early, it was wonderful to have him home the normal amount of time. We also will have a full weekend together, hooray!

Here's to a productive and fun weekend!

One Nap or Two?

Today was a fun day! It started with a bang as we all got in the car to go tie up a few ends at the condo we were living in prior to our house. Now there should be no reason that we ever have to go back there. Not that it was miserable, it was definitely a blessing to be able to live there for a year. But, I like our house and would prefer to stay here!

We ran a few other errands and got back home just in time for Tim to turn around and go to work. Poor guy has to be exhausted! This afternoon Karoline and I went to the pool and we had a great time. The pool was adorable, it was just the right size. So many pools are so big and overwhelming for little ones, this one was the perfect size! Surprisingly enough the pool did not wear down Karoline and she still was going non stop when we got home. But of course I was pooped after pretty much running home so that she wouldn't be in the direct sun for too long. I swear this girl goes non stop and really wouldn't sleep if she didn't have to. We have been trying to get Karoine down to one nap and it seems to be going ok, we will see how it continues to go. Unfortunately she still seems to be waking up at least once a night. However, there will be a day that she doesn't need me in the middle of the night so I will enjoy it and try very hard to view every wake up as a blessing. A blessing that my sweet baby can cry and I will come. I'm very thankful to be a stay at home mom and thus wake ups are part of the job!

The rest of the afternoon was spent just playing and having a few snacks and dinner. My darling daughter likes to now throw her food on the ground just as soon as I've gotten around the corner to grab my dinner ... it's adorable (ok, not). But thank goodness we have hard floors under our table now.

I think I can see another tooth coming in on the bottom of Karoline's mouth, this one too is crooked. I really hope that as they pop through they turn a bit and straighten out. Even if they don't I know they will still be adorable.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, my favorite holiday. I am looking forward to spending it with my little family. It's a much needed break after a few long days.

Well, I think that's about it for me. I'm ready to enjoy our new couches and just relax for a few minutes before bed!

To Do List

Today was a very productive day that resulted in lots of check marks on my to do list! The day started early with the delivery of our new sectional for our den. We must have been the first stop, 7:28am to be exact and there were men bringing in our new furniture. I also made a quick early trip to Target to exchange one of our baby gates. The latch on one was not working correctly and we have only had them for a week! Luckily I still had the receipt and there was no hassle with the exchange, thank goodness. In the mean time Tim started installing our TV mount, those are pretty darn heavy, much heavier than I would have imagined. However, they look really cool! It's neat to see the TV just hanging out on the wall.

Today Tim had to work early so it was just Karoline and I. I'm trying to get her onto a one nap a day schedule, today was a bit rough but I'm sure it will get easier as we go. While she slept I was able to clean the whole house and do laundry. Not to mention I cleaned a few of the curtains that were left in our house. This was a huge weight lifted, they were pretty filthy! Luckily my new washer and dryer have a "sanitize" setting. That setting very well may have been made just for me and my "A type!" -I love it!

Along with cleaning I was able to get a few things done on the computer, something I haven't done in a while. I also made a grocery list, it's amazing how much more money we spend when I have lazy days and don't cook, makes me sick to think about it. The house is coming along. There are a few things that I think will end up getting changed over the next few months but for now it's definitely livable, which is nice.

Tomorrow if the temperature is right Karoline and I may spend some time outside and go swimming. Seems fitting since tomorrow is 4th of July Eve!

Our New House

Goodness it's been quite some time since my last blog. I guess not having internet for a month and a half will do that to a blogger. Very thankful to have internet again from a company that has great customer service. It's amazing to me how so many companies make such a to do about their quality service and excellent customer service and for the most part it's quite the opposite. Anyway, enough about that ...

So much has changed in the last few months. For starters, we bought a house! That's right folks, we have a house. I have named our house Ethel, she's a good sturdy house but definitely needs some work. The house was built in 1985 but to most that I have shown a picture to they think it's quite a bit newer, which I assume is a good thing. It's a basic 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a living room, dining room, kitchen, den and a great back yard. Not to mention there's a park right on the other side of our fence. There's a street behind us and quite possibly the worlds best neighbors on the other side. As a matter of fact I am going to nanny for their kids during the school year. Karoline and I will pick them up with school and we will all hang out for a few hours a few days a week. I'm thrilled, this is a great arrangement for us at this point in time. I want to be able to be a stay at home mom until our kids are all in school but it is always nice to have a little extra income and somewhere to be. Not only that but Karoline is going to love getting to play with the kids!

Oh Karoline, sweet Karoline has turned into my Liney. Liney you might say, yes, whiny Liney. No, she's really not too whiny she is just finally getting a tooth! However, tonight I realized that the tooth appears to be coming in completely sideways. I sure hope it does not continue to come out that way and that it will turn to be more front facing. Either way though I'm sure it will still be adorable.

Not only does Karoline know sign language now she has also added quite a few words to her vocabulary. My favorite of which is, "juice." I'm impressed with her ability to say a "J." Heck, I'm impressed by everything she does.

There are quite a few things that we still need to do on our house but one thing is for sure, we are home. This is a great fit for us. I do worry that when we have another baby I will not like the distance from our room to the babies room but we will cross that bridge when we get there. For now I'm going to enjoy every minute. The base boards need to be washed, things need to be painted and cleaned, but I it is my goal to make sure that every day is a great day with my sweet girl. So, I have learned there are some things that have to wait, and wait they shall.

Alright, I'm starting to get dizzy, guess it's time to get some sleep. Until tomorrow ...

Pointing Things Out

Well, we have a bonified pointer. In the last few days Karoline has blown me away with her ability to learn new objects. Last night I showed her a match box car and I "drove" it around. After giving her the car she got on her knees and pushed it around as well and attempted to make the same "vroom vroom" sounds I was making. It amazes me that she only has to be shown something one time to learn how to do it. Side note: funny story she has to be told no several times to get that point across. She sure is a determined and sometimes stubborn little thing, no clue where she gets that from. Anyway, this morning when I brought her toys out I noticed that the same car we were playing with was sitting next to her toy box. I asked her, "Karoline where is your car?" She pointed right at the car, said, "car" and brought it right to my hand. She is such a smarty pants!

The other day while watching Karoline on FaceTime my mom said that she was sure that all Nana's think their grand-babies are smart but that Karoline has to be gifted. I of course feel the same, so it got me to thinking about what I can do to help her learn. I'm really looking forward to moving into our home so that we can explore more outside as well as do crafts. It's kind of hard to let a child have creative freedom when you are worried about ruining carpet that is not yours. In our new house the mail floor is hard wood so she will have the whole area to create and play with out worry. Thank goodness for Pinterest, I have so many ideas that I can't wait to pursue!

Tomorrow I get to do a big shopping trip... you know you're a mom when you are excited to go grocery shopping!

Blessings to all.


It's been a while since I've taken the time to blog. I know I need to make it a priority but once Karoline is in bed I love to just sit and do nothing for a little bit!

However, I needed to make sure I took a minute to give a Karoline update ...
Karoline now has complete recognition of objects! In the bath tub I asked her, "Where's your duck?" She scooted over and picked up her yellow rubber duck and held it up with such pride. She can also retrieve socks, shoes, her blanket, and her stuffed puppies on command. She can find her water cup when I ask if she needs a drink and she also goes to the pantry when she is hungry. I am in awe with how much she is learning and how quickly. Another fun recognition, when we were at the park she saw a real dog and still was saying pu pu pu (puppy). Not only does she know her toy puppy but she knows real puppies too! My mother's heart is full of pride. I am so thankful to be her mommy.

Today we received such a great blessing that is a true reminder that we must always trust. "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed in the man who trusts Him!" -Psalm 34:8

The Middle of April

Today started out with a surprise, snow, lots of it. Spring snow showers are such a delight. I am excited for summer weather but I know that these last few snow storms will provide much needed moisture.

A few other things to report ...

Karoline and I still have runny/stuffy noses. Last week I overreacted and took Karoline in when her snot changed colors. I do believe every first time mom probably goes in to the doctor too often but, better safe than sorry. In the process of our check up (the runny nose was a non issue) the doctor actually found a cyst in her right ear canal. Thinking back now I have noticed her tugging on her right ear for a few months now. At her nine month appointment I mentioned it but thought it was an ear infection and was told that ear tugging is not a sign of ear infection (most of the time). I think I remember the doctor checking her ear but I am not sure. Now I know that if I have any hesitation or questions that I need to ask point blank that I would like her ears looked at. Anyway, I do think he did look and perhaps it was just too small to see. We found this cyst very early as it is still very small even now. We are going back again next week to check for any growth. If there is growth we will then consult an ear, nose and throat specialist. However, my prayers are that the cyst will go away on its own.

My sweet girl is growing and getting so big and loves to play with phones lately. She will pick up any object that remotely looks like a phone and hold it to her ear and say, "hello." She is great at mimicking sounds and really does say, "hello!" I am so thankful to be able to watch her learn every day. Yesterday brought something new, I walked into my room and found Karoline with my planner and pen. She was sitting on the ground trying to write in the planner with the pen in her right hand. So, I quickly ran and got the box of eight big crayons out and a pad of paper. Sure enough she loved writing on the paper. The crayons of course still ended up in her mouth here and there but she really loved writing. I need to make a craft that I saw on Pinterest for her. Some finger paint in a plastic bag taped to a white paper on a board or table. This way she can use her finger to move the paint and create with out anything going in her mouth.

Today was a sad day in our nation. Watching news coverage of the bombing in Boston made me very sad. Last night we watched a movie that triggered the same emotions, but that was a movie. I know that I can't shield out all the bad in the world but, I have decided to stick to rated PG-13 movies. I can't bare the sadness in our world but I can keep out the sadness in movies.

I am very thankful to have a husband that reminds me God is in control when it is easy to be sad about a situation.

Praying for all effected by the bombings, our nation and the leaders of our nation as I go to bed tonight.


This morning I finally find what was missing for me to be able to be "so happy that others around me can't help but be happy too" ... Exercise. I am one who only will exercise when it is disguised as something else. So, yoga was the perfect fit for me. A little bit of time just for me and my body definitely benefitted as well, and by that I mean I am sore, in a good way!

My short and sweet post is simply to remind you all that the doctors and the "they" are right. You really need time for yourself and exercise on a regular basis. Here's to hoping it works out for me to go again on Monday!


Quickly while my sweet girl is taking a late afternoon nap I am going to write a quick post. It seems lately that once Karoline goes to bed I just barely have enough time to eat dinner and shower before it's time to go to bed. When the time changed we decided to keep Karoline on her clock and allow her to go to bed an hour later since this summer it will be nice to have an extra hour outside. I think once it's warm this will be nice but for now it is keeping me feeling very rushed at night. Lucky for me I am a stay at home mom and I am able to find a way to get things done, even though I feel as though I really don't get much done.

Karoline is great at walking but now also can walk to where ever I am no matter what barrier I have in place so that I can get a few things done or lunch made, she is a strong little one. Coming to terms that things just don't get done in the same fashion that they used to has helped quite a bit but is still hard for the A-type in me.

Let's see, what else is new in the world of Karoline... In addition to her knowing and using, mama, dada, papa, nana and no she has now added "ba" ba is used for banana as well as baby when we are reading her book about babies. It's so neat to watch her learn and grow, she is truly remarkable. It's funny, when I put her to bed I miss having her around and I am so thankful every morning when I am blessed with another day to play with her.

Tomorrow I am going to get myself to the gym for a yoga class, I am really excited about it! I am already trying to talk myself out of it but I know that I will feel great if I go and it might be just what I need to help my body. Lately I feel so stiff and just blah, I know exercise will help and yoga sounds just the right pace for this mama to start with. Maybe there will be a zumba class in the future, boy do I miss dancing!

A few other random fun things, we are going out to look at more houses this weekend and Tim got a promotion at work! Hallelujah, God is good!


On several occasions I have run across a poster that says, "Be so happy that others around you can't help but be happy too," or something close to that.  For days now this has really resinated with me. Have you ever met people that make you think, "Certainly can not be that happy or that nice all the time?" I really would like to be that person. I do believe it will take a lot of energy but it is my goal. My personal mantra is to be thankful for all things, to smile and laugh every day and to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

All of those things are easier said than done. I really feel like this is something that will take a lot of work but it is going to be worth it. I am determined to be the best me I can be. I think that this goal to be a happier and more thankful person will also have a great impact on Karoline.

I have a guilty pleasure, I love the show 19 Kids and Counting. I absolutely love watching the way that Jim Bob and Michelle parent their kiddos. They are always so calm and have such a great way of getting through to their children. Karoline is of the age now where she needs to be told, "no." When I watch Michelle parent her kids and redirect them she has a stern tone to her voice but it is still wrapped with love. I am sure some of this came with practice but I adore the way that she doesn't ever sound intimidating. I know that our kids will need to know who's boss, but I am sure that there is a way to get the point across with out sounding mean. When I tell Karoline, "no" I try to sound assertive and it just doesn't seem right to me at this stage. She definitely understands me so I think there has to be a better way to get through to her. Really, who knows what is right when it comes to raising kids! Anyway, hopefully by being a happier me and for being thankful for the chance to teach Karoline I will be able to redirect her in a loving way. One in which she respects and is appreciative of instead of afraid of.

May you find a way to have more happiness in your day, a way to spread happiness and a way to enjoy and be thankful for all things!

Lemon Aid

Good morning world!

This morning I am letting Karoline have a little alone play time. I am of course sitting about 5 feet away from her but she is self entertaining very well. Sometimes I feel like I have to be right down with her every second of every day but really I know that she does need to learn to play on her own and she is doing a fabulous job.

Well, the house that we absolutely adored is off the market now. When Tim told me this last night when he came to bed and I was in a pretty deep sleep I simply replied, "There must be something better." I whole heartedly believe what I said in my sleepy state. I know that the house we fell in love with was shown to us so that we would not settle for anything less that something we adore.

In other news, I was sent two scam emails through my Pampered Chef website. I am a little appalled that there are people in the world who sit around and do things of this nature. I had a feeling something was a little fishy but I didn't want to assume the worst and wanted to have faith in people. I hope that the person behind this scam realizes that what they are doing is wrong and stops.

The last couple posts I have made comments about television. Low and behold last night just a few hours before Duck Dynasty is supposed to record our DirectTV just stops working for no apparent reason. Tim and I are pretty fed up with the fact that we seem to always have issues with our internet, phones or TV provider. Why don't things just work the way they are supposed to? But, it is small "issues" like this that are a good time to reflect on the fact that we are living with first world problems and they are not even problems at all. So, today I am thankful for all the items and things that make our day to day life so easy and very blessed.

I hope that everyone that has taken the time to read today's post feels the same way when they run across a hiccup in their day. Make lemon aid from lemons my friends!

Goose Egg

Today was quite the day. It started great, I got to sleep for 9 hours with only one 30 minute intermission! I think Karoline was awake at 6am but she was content to sit and play for an hour, it was wonderful. She has always been a good sleeper but lately when she wakes up she will stand up and be quite vocal. It's been tough but I am praying that we are over that phase.

Poor girl was just grumpy all day. I have been thinking her grumpiness for months has been teething. Truthfully I think all the times in the past have just been frustration. She is so smart and her brain is ahead of herself. I know as soon as she can communicate she will be much happier. I love now that she can shake her head and tell me no! Anyway, I do think that today may have been a result of teething. I am so weary to give her anything until I know that is for sure the problem. For the time being I give her gripe water, Mother's Bliss (p.s. anyone who has a new born really needs to stock their medicine cupboard with this stuff), it's all natural and it really has helped in the past when she has stomach issues. I have heard that there are some all natural teething tablets but I just haven't tried them. But, for my sanity and poor Karoline who is normally a pretty happy girl we may have to try them for the days that she is just fit to be tied.

Today Karoline got her first bruise from falling into my bed side table. We give her free reign and it seems this time it got the best of her. Poor girl slipped right on to the corner and boy was she upset. We put ice on it for as long as she would let us but a little bruise still popped up. I always knew there would be a first owie but I wasn't quite ready for it. However, she of course was fine after a few seconds and I do love that she is learning to explore the entire condo. Most days I feel like I'm having to redirect her every 30-60 seconds but I think that's ok. However, we do cover the outlets and have the cupboards closed with fasteners.

Tonight I think I may have finally found some motivation to get rid of the last of my baby weight. I think I only have about 5-7lbs to go but it sure looks like a lot more. I saw a sign on Pinterest that says, "Which do you hate more, the 30 minute work out or the 30 extra pounds?" Luckily I don't have 30 pounds to go but you get the idea. A few weeks ago I was stretching every morning and doing some sit ups, push ups and other living room exercises but I stopped for some reason or another. I do think it will be harder now that Karoline will be pulling up on my legs but I will give it a shot.

There was nothing good on TV tonight so instead of settling for some garbage I decided to listen to a sermon online from a few weeks back. I'm glad I did, it was a great way to end my night. There are quite a few that I missed while recovering from having Karoline so I think I will have to listen to them more often.

I have one more thing to say, and I am saying it here so that I have to hold myself to it. No more sugar. I am not quite ready to cut out bread like I usually do when I need to lose a few pounds (it takes a lot of meal planning to cut out bread). Eventually I will get to that point but for now, no sugar. I mean it, not even the last of the ice cream that is in the freezer. I know I will feel better if I can stick to this so wish me luck!

Late Night Rambling

As I sit here watching reruns of Duck Dynasty I have started to think about television in general. I truthfully would be perfectly fine with out cable. I do enjoy watching movies so I can't say I could completely go with out a TV. This prompt is from my pure dislike of some of the programming that I happen to catch when the TV is left on a channel or on commercials. We absolutely love Duck Dynasty and I sure wish that there were more wholesome shows like it. If I did not have cable/satellite I would most definitely have to rent the seasons of this show, I think it is great.

I can't help but wonder how different masses of people would be if nasty, yucky and scary shows were not available. I am not saying that our first amendment right should be taken away and that movies must all be PG. However, I am saying that I think that it is sad that such shows and movies that contain "bad" things are popular enough that the are continually made.

Anyway, that's my two cents ...

Today Karoline had her 9 month check up appointment! She did a great job, she showed off all of her tricks: walking, talking and being just darn right adorable. We have had some rough nights lately and I really never know what to expect. It sure is true that there is no book or manual for babies. All I can do is to try my best to do what I think is right. Most of the time when I have no clue what to do I do nothing for five minutes (I look at the clock and wait five minutes) and sometimes the problem seems to resolve itself. I'm hoping that tonight goes well and that I can get some sleep and that Karoline will sleep well too.

I hope and pray that we can teach her to enjoy things that are good and wholesome. I sure hope that by leading her in the right direction and teaching her how to deal with things that make her uncomfortable and seem wrong (yucky tv and movies) that she will have no desire to let those negatives into her life.

I love my husband and I love my daughter, I am blessed and now I must rest!

A Great Day

Today was such a fun day with my girl. This afternoon when Tim went to work Karoline and I got ready to go swimming. We headed over to the pool with out any screaming in the car, which was wonderful!

When we got to the pool I was able to get myself ready and Karoline as well with out her even making a peep. We played in the pool for about 20 minutes. She got a kick out of being able to stand up in the pool. She also enjoyed playing in her yellow floaty ring. Once her little hands started to get a little chilly we packed up and headed to the changing room. Again, no crying as we got ready and it really was just wonderful.

After swimming we got in the car and went up the road to do a little Walmart shopping. I had so much fun shopping with my girl. She enjoys sitting in the cart and looking around. On the way home she was a little fussy but eventually fell asleep.

Once we got into the house we had a great night. After bath time Karoline wasn't quite ready for bed so we played and laughed and just enjoyed each others company. I really feel like today I understood what she needed and she understood me. I know that tomorrow can be different but today was just wonderful. I really had a great day with my sweet girl.

Ready or Not

Our little peanut is going so quickly and she has several new tricks. She now shakes her head "no" when she is told no. She also will shake her head no when she gets close to "no" objects (outlets, entertainment center, etc). This is pretty cute and you have to see it to get the full effect.

Sweet baby girl also has found her tongue, this is pretty cute.

I know I've said it for quite some time now but I think we are maybe close to a tooth, or the fussiness from today was her way of expressing her displeasure with not being able to walk yet. She is so close to walking, she has taken up to 5 steps. She is so proud of herself when she does take steps. When she happens to plop back down on her bottom she is thoroughly frustrated.

The last two days I have put Karoline in the car and she has done really well. The screaming has been minimal and she actually doesn't seem to mind being in the car, this has been really nice, I hope she keeps it up. The yelling was awfully hard to deal with. Funny thing is now I am constantly waiting for her to get fussy so I am still on edge. When my mom came to visit last weekend Karoline was just about horrible in the car. I think she is so excited that her nana is here that she wants nothing to do with being away from her. Just an add on to her visit, we took Karoline swimming and it was a blast! She also got to go for a nice walk with her nana and she seemed to really enjoy it.

I think I am too hard on myself when it comes to being a "good parent." I want so badly to do the right thing that some times I don't just enjoy the now. I look back at when Karoline was a new born and I think about how I constantly was trying to keep up with the house work and cooking and cleaning. Note to self, never move right after a baby is born. Anyway, I now know that it is ok to just hold the baby and to send someone out to get food. I am trying to make sure that the lessons I learned from the newborn stage are put into practice now. The hard part about being the stay at home mom is knowing that yes, it is ok to leave the dishes in the sink for a little while. But, at some point you have to do something about them. I have been told that I can't just relax and that I am always doing something, this is true. But, if I don't do the cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc, who will? I suppose it is just finding the right balance.

Well, I suppose I ought to get to bed, never know how much sleep you are going to get when you have a baby. Sleep while you can!

One Foot in Front of the Other

Our little princess is such an adorable little thing. She can pull herself up on anything and everything and is working very hard at getting form sitting to standing with out any help at all! Not only that but she can now take steps, ALL BY HERSELF! Her first two steps were on 2/7 and yesterday she took four. I am beyond proud and by the look on her adorable little face so is she. Our little tea pot (short and stout) is growing up so quickly and her physical achievements are just amazing. 

One other little random thing, I love my wedding ring. That is all. Have a great weekend!

Things In Your Hair

As I sat down to write this I verbally expressed the comfort of sitting. It's been a long day. Karoline has always slept in a sleep sack (pretty much like a wearable blanket), for a long time she had her hands free at the end of her sleeves. Recently we made the decision to cover them since she could pull herself up on things. This decision probably wasn't the best one, kind of like placing a band aid on a wound that needs stitches. However, it was the decision we made. So, last night we decided it was time to let her have her hands back. We did not put her in a sleep sack, just her pajamas and made sure her room was set to the temperature that she prefers (about 70*). At 7:30pm she woke up, stood up, looked around and went back to sleep. I was so excited and thought, "Okay, we can do this." Well, come 3:30am she stood up and was screaming, I gave her a few minutes before rushing right in. She calmed down and played in her crib, but after an hour she began to tire and the screaming started again. At this point in time I decided to go in and try to calm her down with out picking her up. Yea, right. I caved, I nursed her and got her back to sleep and we all slept until 7:30am. Normally our mornings are pretty easy, Karoline plays while I sit and watch her or we read books while Tim sleeps. Today she was just fit to be tied and cried and cried all morning. If I was holding her she wanted down, when I put her down she wanted me to hold her. When it came time to try for a morning nap after about two hours of pretty much constant screaming she wanted nothing to do with her crib. But, she did fall asleep only due to sure exhaustion. She actually fell asleep with her face on the bars of her crib on her knees. We didn't feel it was right to leave her like this. I'm sure you can only guess that trying to move her to her back didn't work and she was up. I took her to the store with me in hopes of getting her a change of scenery. She did ok for the most part. At lunch I stripped her down and let her feed herself avocado (her favorite), she enjoyed this for a while, it resulted in a sink bath which she also seemed to like. When Tim headed off to work I was dreading the fact that I knew we would have to go through another battle of the nap with out her sleep sack. I caved, I didn't even stick to my guns for a full 24 hours. However, not 60 seconds in that sleep sack and she was out cold. I know she was tired but I have decided the sleep sack must be comforting to her. The only reason I wanted to take her out of it was because she has started to try and pull herself up in it and slips. My new plan of action is to let her sleep in it, why not. When she is awake enough to pull herself up in it then I guess that means it is time to get up. I am sure that come summer time or as soon as she is old enough she won't want to be in it anymore. For now, she can stay in it, if she's happy then I am happy!

Enough of that ... the last couple of days have been pretty eventful as far as "firsts" for Karoline. She made her first mess by opening my water bottle and getting completely soaked. After she played in it for a while she started saying "mama," and crawled my way. Funny girl. she also has been propping herself up on her toes and hands, it looks like she may get herself to the walking position soon!

You may be wondering about the title of this post, right? I've decided that just one party of being a parent means finding stuff in your hair. Just now after cleaning up lunch I went into the bathroom and had butter in my hair and I have no clue how it got there. Yesterday Tim had Karoline on his shoulders and she spit up on his head. I have also come to the realization that I was over confident about being a parent. I though it would be easier. I thought that after being a nanny for several babies that I would be able to figure out our baby, I was wrong. Karoline is worth every struggle and every ounce of frustration while I try to figure out what is wrong. I am so thankful for the blessing that she is and that she was a planned addition to our family. Every time she smiles, laughs, talks or does pretty much anything I am so over joyed and proud and I forget that she has just been yelling and screaming at me for the past two hours. I guess I am making this realization to say that I sure wish that all babies are blessed to be a part of a family that is ready for the undertaking. Having a baby is hard work, it's the job that I've always wanted and I am so happy to have my sweet girl. I pray that all babies are loved the way that I love her. That parents will always be able to see the bright side and know that the crying and the frustration will end and that sweet babies really are just trying to tell you what is wrong in the only way they know how. Karoline has been asleep (in her sleep sack) for 40 minutes now, I am going to take advantage of this time and go lay down myself. Here's to a happy and well rested afternoon!


Today was a great day with my sweet girl. Despite waking up to hear her screaming at 5 am (I think she may have had a bad dream) the day was a fun one! Today Tim played hide and go seek with Karoline, he didn't realize she was so good at that game. She was stumped when he hid under a blanket, until she saw his toe sticking out!

Peek-a-boo has always been a fun game. However, now the tables have turned and Karoline hides herself. She will pull a towel or scarf over her face and pull it down with a smile just waiting for someone to say, "peek-a-boo!" When you ask, "Where's Karoline?" she will put the scarf back over her face. She is so smart, I love her ability to pick up a new task every day! Time is going by so quickly.

Tiny fingers

As a mom I have realized there are little things that can make up the most amazing days. Today when I went into the bathroom I closed the door as a normal person would however, lately I've had to leave the door open so that Karoline can see where I am. All modesty is gone when you have a child, you learn that when you go to your first ultra sound with your husband. If you have not had a child and you are a friend of mine then I urge you to look up just how they do the first ultra sound so you are not surprised. You're welcome. 

Anywho, I am back to being able to close the door. But, my sweet smart girl can find me even if she was no where near the bathroom when I entered. I can hear the sweet sound of her knees and hands making her way towards me. That sound truly is glorious, I love that she is able to move. After the little, thud, thud, thud stops then I can hear nails on the bathroom door. Sometimes I'll catch a little glimpse of her sweet tiny fingers trying to figure out what is on the other side of the door. Sometimes I will stick my fingers under the door (don't worry this is after I've washed my hands of course) and it is the most amazing sensation to feel my daughter wrap her hands around my fingers. Immediately I feel like I must open the door when this happens. And as a woman and a mom my mind is flooded with the fear of not being able to see my baby or hold my baby. It is a strange thing, the mind of a mother, and all the tricks it plays on you. My heart aches for the babies that are separated from one or more of their parents. I can't even think about that for two long.

Karoline was such a sweetie today. She started to get rather upset this afternoon until she saw her nana on FaceTime. As soon as she saw her nana it was like she really was in the living room. Karoline took off all around the house and was showing off all of her new skills and her nana followed her around and watched all of her tricks. We had several "ah" conversations, she walked along the couch, bed and the stool. She also walked with her walker at an incredible pace! 

This morning was the first step in our next adventure. We met with our real estate agent who was referred to us by Tim's aunt. He is a great fit for us and is extremely respectful of our price range as well as our desires for our first home. We are both very excited and on several occasions have woken up early like kids on Christmas just thinking about the possibility of owning a home for the same monthly price that we pay to rent. I would guess in about 6 months time we will be in our home. I am excited but also glad that it will take some time, I am enjoying every minute with my baby girl and wouldn't want to wish any of that time away! 

Sweet baby

I've had such an amazing past couple of days with my sweet baby girl. I can't believe how quickly she is growing. Our new favorite game is hide and seek, she's an excellent seeker and squeals in delight when she finds me. I can only hope and pray that she will always be that excited to see me.

Still no teeth as we approach the 8 month mark. I am really ok with this, I get a little sad thinking that one day we are going to wake up and we will no longer be saying hello to a toothless little grin.

I think that's it for now, I've come to realize that I am far more tired tonight than I thought and I guess some things will just have to wait until tomorrow.

I leave you with a quote I saw tonight on a friends new etsy page ... Live like less is more.

Human Milk

I've decided I would like to share my thoughts about breastfeeding. Seems everyone has an opinion, and well, so do I. When it came down to having children in my mind there was no option but breastfeeding. Karoline was delivered via c-section so the immediate placement of her on my chest didn't happen. But, the staff at the hospital we were at were absolutely remarkable and the time from her birth to the time we were in the recovery room and she was allowed to lay on me was a very short amount of time. However, my sense of time was completely off thanks to the spinal block. Side note, that was by far the worst part of having to have a c-section, my memory for the first two weeks of Karoline's life is very clouded and there are not many picture of me holding her so I don't remember doing so. Anyway ...

From the first attempt of breastfeeding to today has been a long road. In the beginning it was adorable to see this tiny new life try to figure out how to feed herself. It truly is remarkable the instincts that we are all born with. In the hospital figuring out breastfeeding was an overwhelming task and something that I feel was not made any easier by the constant reminder that we needed to keep track of every time she ate and for how long. Then there were the people who would come and go and would critique your  breastfeeding. We really did have a pleasant experience at our hospital and I know the nurses were just doing their job but while reflecting on it now I am surprised at how unhelpful their help really was. In addition, there was always someone offering formula. To me (now remember this is just my opinion, you all have yours and that is perfectly fine to me) formula is the easy way out (IF you are able to breastfeed). I can't believe how many times they suggested me giving Karoline just a little bit of formula to help her get started and figure the whole eating thing out. I do believe had I been more relaxed and able to just enjoy feeding her instead of being "checked on" every few seconds that I may have been able to help her get used to it more quickly. Even when we were leaving the hospital we were asked if we wanted to take a little bottle of formula. I must note that Karoine was a little "yellow" when she was born and they were worried about her being jaundice. None of her tests confirmed this, it was just her outward appearance. The lighting in our room was horrible and I think that played a big part in it. On the day we were leaving the hospital I broke down on one of the pediatricians that came in to see Karoline. She was pro-breastfeeding and reassured me that turning down the formula was the right thing. I am convinced hat doctor was an angel in disguise, she completely calmed me and helped me to realize that I was doing my best and Karoline was going to be just fine.

Upon getting home breastfeeding did get easier. A week after Karoline was born we met our pediatrician. He was recommended to us by a male pediatrician we met at the hospital ... side note, this man was wonderful and when I called his office to schedule an appointment we found out he worked an hour away. The more alarming part was that he himself returned the call and was able to give us the name of our doctor now. Our doctor is also in line with our thinking and told me that I was on the cusp of helping our baby to grow. We are very fortunate to have been able to meet our pediatrician. I know now and would caution everyone that to make sure you don't settle. There is a doctor who will agree with your line of thinking and will be a great member of your support team.

Over the next few weeks as we settled into a routine breastfeeding became unbearable and excruciatingly painful. I know I did not go through the pain of labor BUT breast feeding was more painful than any of my recovery from the c-section. Despite the pain and a bout of mastitis I stuck it out. I really didn't see any other option, I had to endure the pain for our baby girl. After about a month or two of ridiculous pain it definitely got better. Karoline got better at feeding and my breasts finally became, well callused. There are still issues but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Yesterday while we were playing in the morning Karoline crawled up to me, pulled herself up and let me know that she needed a little snack. This was such a joy to me. She knows that I am where the milk comes from and is now able to communicate to me that she would like to nurse. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. Nursing moms understand, women who want children and who would like to nurse will one day understand as well.

A friend of mine is going on a business trip and has looked into sending home breast milk in the mail for her little one. Such a huge thing to put your children's needs first and I applaud her. Her box will be mailed, labeled "human milk." Breast milk is like gold to a mom who has to pump. We are so blessed that I no longer have to pump, just one of the luxuries of being a stay at home mama.

I do think that this topic is something that most people would prefer is kept quiet. Believe me, before having Karoline I would most likely have felt the same way. I am not one to breastfeed in public, I prefer the comfort of my vehicle while we are out and about, and I still use a big cover to make sure nothing is seen. But, I don't feel like it is something that can't be talked about. If you've made it this far ... thanks for reading and I hope if you have children one day that your will consider nursing your babies. Or will provide support for your wife who will nurse your little ones. One more thing, Karoline is 7 1/2 months old and has yet to even have one sign of sickness. Did I mention breast milk is like gold?

These boots are made for walking ...

Now that Karoline has her own boots she feels the need to walk! Well, truth be told she is more interested in putting the boots in her mouth than anything else. Today when she had them on and tried to crawl she became so frustrated that it was all she could do to get those things off her feet. However, she will wear them and they do keep her feet nice and toasty.

This evening I set Karoline down in our living room and went to the kitchen to get some water. I saw her pull herself up on the ottoman, I turned around to grab my water bottle, turned back around and she was at the couch. I couldn't believe it! So, I quickly grabbed my phone and had her reenact her first steps! She did a great job and was so proud of herself. Earlier tonight when we were using FaceTime so she could see her nana (who she recognized right away and wanted to get to as fast as she could) Karoline stood all by herself for about ten seconds. I sound like a broken record but her physical ability sure is astounding to me!

Today we went and looked at homes that were available to rent in our area. One was the perfect house in the perfect location and was a great price. The sign on the development said a 55+ community. We are just as calm and quiet as a 55 year old couple, I wonder if they would take that into consideration. The other home was very large house and was $2,600/month to rent. I do believe the people trying to rent that house ended up in over their heads and they must be eating some funny mushrooms if they think they are going to be able to rent their home for that much! Well, maybe someone will rent it but I it won't be us. We are hoping to buy a home of our own. Our goal is to eventually build a house. Tim has such a talent when it comes to using his hands and I know the house would he would build would be absolutely wonderful. Building our home will happen but for the time being it seems buying a preexisting home is more likely. We are working with a great real-estate/financial team and we are praying that everything will work out. The best party is, we know it will. We have faith and know we will end up exactly where we are supposed to be.

Boots and Bows

Boots and bows, what more could a girl need. Last weekend my mom was able to come up and watch Karoline for us. Tim had to work and I had a Pampered Chef show and there was a 3 hour gap where neither of us would be home. How blessed are we that we are able to not have to have the fear of a baby sitter. We do have several friends and family close by that would be perfectly fine care givers for a short period of time. However, I think if she can my mom would always prefer to be the baby sitter! I don't blame her, Karoline is pretty awesome.

Her newest trick is "clicking." I showed her how to make a clicking sound using her tongue against the roof of her mouth on Friday night and on Saturday morning she woke up clicking. She has quite the "vocabulary" now too. She has ma, ba, da, and all the vowels sounds down. These last few days I've even taught her the sssss sound. It's adorable to say the least.

On Saturday she also pulled herself up on our TV stand. This isn't the cool part. She grabbed Tim's remote controller and grabbed onto it with two hands. Thus, standing by herself for a good 5-10 seconds! She truly is just physically a little rock star. As are all babies in the eye of their parents.

Back to the boots and bows, my mom purchased these two items for Karoline while we were shopping. The perfect accessories for a stylish girl.

Switching gears, after we finish the food in our fridge we are going on a wholesome diet! We will be eating fruits and veggies galore! I am so excited. Tim will also try a juice cleanse to attempt a body reboot, he's had quite a few issues lately. Hoping this will be the fix. I can not do a full cleanse because I am still nursing but I will be adding the juice to my diet as well. I am beyond excited for the results. I can only imagine how great we are going to feel with the addition of so many natural items to our diet! I'll make sure to update on our progress as well as share some of our favorite recipes!

Growing and Changing

My little sweet pea is growing so quickly. Five days ago she started crawling on her hands and knees! Today she was so fast when she was moving. Any elevated surface is now no obstacle for her, she can scale anything, even a flat wall! Her physical ability is simply amazing to me. Watching her grow and learn is by far one of the greatest things I have ever experienced in my life.

With her new found freedom sleeping has become pretty interesting. Sure seems that once one issue is resolved that something new arises! I don't know how working mom's do it. There is no way I could keep up with our home and all of Karoline's needs as well as a full time job. Or, maybe I could but not at the level that I want for our family.

R & R, Resolution & Relationships

Last night I was holding Karoline and rocking her to sleep when she looked right up into my eyes and started to move her mouth. She has been saying "mama" now for a few months and I've been working on her different sounds for quite some time. She has "bah" and "na-nah" down but the "da" sound seems to allude her. After moving her mouth for a little bit she let out a "da, da, da." I could see her beautiful little mind working very hard to form these sounds. Her tongue was just so cute hitting the front of her mouth to make the "d" sound. After saying, "da, da, da" she looked up at me and gave a smile of accomplishment as if to say, "Did you hear mom, I did it!" I cried. She is so beautiful and is such a joy. I know that every parent thinks their child is, the cutest, smartest, most physically advanced ... and well, I'm no different. Watching her learn is such a blessing. I know I've said it before but, I love being a stay at home mom.

Today we went to meet my mom and brother for lunch and a little shopping. It is amazing what spending time with the ones you love can do for you. The more I grow the more I realize what is important in life to me. For me it is my faith, my family and my friends. I am not sure what it is about the New Year that inspires resolutions but to me it seems like a great way to try and make sure that you keep yourself in check and make changes as you see fit. So, this year my goal is to make sure to take time to read our devotional every day, to read my bible every day and to pray every day. My hope is to always take time to play, love and cherish the time I have with my family. To drive an hour or two to see the ones I miss. To extend a hand to friends. Friends that I have known for years and friends that I know only briefly.

In my eyes the relationships we have in life are the real riches. I know that if I were faced with choice of great wealth or great family and friends the decision would be the easiest I have ever made.

I plan to take time to make time, to never use time as an excuse and to stay true to myself and my goals.