R & R, Resolution & Relationships

Last night I was holding Karoline and rocking her to sleep when she looked right up into my eyes and started to move her mouth. She has been saying "mama" now for a few months and I've been working on her different sounds for quite some time. She has "bah" and "na-nah" down but the "da" sound seems to allude her. After moving her mouth for a little bit she let out a "da, da, da." I could see her beautiful little mind working very hard to form these sounds. Her tongue was just so cute hitting the front of her mouth to make the "d" sound. After saying, "da, da, da" she looked up at me and gave a smile of accomplishment as if to say, "Did you hear mom, I did it!" I cried. She is so beautiful and is such a joy. I know that every parent thinks their child is, the cutest, smartest, most physically advanced ... and well, I'm no different. Watching her learn is such a blessing. I know I've said it before but, I love being a stay at home mom.

Today we went to meet my mom and brother for lunch and a little shopping. It is amazing what spending time with the ones you love can do for you. The more I grow the more I realize what is important in life to me. For me it is my faith, my family and my friends. I am not sure what it is about the New Year that inspires resolutions but to me it seems like a great way to try and make sure that you keep yourself in check and make changes as you see fit. So, this year my goal is to make sure to take time to read our devotional every day, to read my bible every day and to pray every day. My hope is to always take time to play, love and cherish the time I have with my family. To drive an hour or two to see the ones I miss. To extend a hand to friends. Friends that I have known for years and friends that I know only briefly.

In my eyes the relationships we have in life are the real riches. I know that if I were faced with choice of great wealth or great family and friends the decision would be the easiest I have ever made.

I plan to take time to make time, to never use time as an excuse and to stay true to myself and my goals.

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