Tiny fingers

As a mom I have realized there are little things that can make up the most amazing days. Today when I went into the bathroom I closed the door as a normal person would however, lately I've had to leave the door open so that Karoline can see where I am. All modesty is gone when you have a child, you learn that when you go to your first ultra sound with your husband. If you have not had a child and you are a friend of mine then I urge you to look up just how they do the first ultra sound so you are not surprised. You're welcome. 

Anywho, I am back to being able to close the door. But, my sweet smart girl can find me even if she was no where near the bathroom when I entered. I can hear the sweet sound of her knees and hands making her way towards me. That sound truly is glorious, I love that she is able to move. After the little, thud, thud, thud stops then I can hear nails on the bathroom door. Sometimes I'll catch a little glimpse of her sweet tiny fingers trying to figure out what is on the other side of the door. Sometimes I will stick my fingers under the door (don't worry this is after I've washed my hands of course) and it is the most amazing sensation to feel my daughter wrap her hands around my fingers. Immediately I feel like I must open the door when this happens. And as a woman and a mom my mind is flooded with the fear of not being able to see my baby or hold my baby. It is a strange thing, the mind of a mother, and all the tricks it plays on you. My heart aches for the babies that are separated from one or more of their parents. I can't even think about that for two long.

Karoline was such a sweetie today. She started to get rather upset this afternoon until she saw her nana on FaceTime. As soon as she saw her nana it was like she really was in the living room. Karoline took off all around the house and was showing off all of her new skills and her nana followed her around and watched all of her tricks. We had several "ah" conversations, she walked along the couch, bed and the stool. She also walked with her walker at an incredible pace! 

This morning was the first step in our next adventure. We met with our real estate agent who was referred to us by Tim's aunt. He is a great fit for us and is extremely respectful of our price range as well as our desires for our first home. We are both very excited and on several occasions have woken up early like kids on Christmas just thinking about the possibility of owning a home for the same monthly price that we pay to rent. I would guess in about 6 months time we will be in our home. I am excited but also glad that it will take some time, I am enjoying every minute with my baby girl and wouldn't want to wish any of that time away! 

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