On several occasions I have run across a poster that says, "Be so happy that others around you can't help but be happy too," or something close to that.  For days now this has really resinated with me. Have you ever met people that make you think, "Certainly can not be that happy or that nice all the time?" I really would like to be that person. I do believe it will take a lot of energy but it is my goal. My personal mantra is to be thankful for all things, to smile and laugh every day and to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

All of those things are easier said than done. I really feel like this is something that will take a lot of work but it is going to be worth it. I am determined to be the best me I can be. I think that this goal to be a happier and more thankful person will also have a great impact on Karoline.

I have a guilty pleasure, I love the show 19 Kids and Counting. I absolutely love watching the way that Jim Bob and Michelle parent their kiddos. They are always so calm and have such a great way of getting through to their children. Karoline is of the age now where she needs to be told, "no." When I watch Michelle parent her kids and redirect them she has a stern tone to her voice but it is still wrapped with love. I am sure some of this came with practice but I adore the way that she doesn't ever sound intimidating. I know that our kids will need to know who's boss, but I am sure that there is a way to get the point across with out sounding mean. When I tell Karoline, "no" I try to sound assertive and it just doesn't seem right to me at this stage. She definitely understands me so I think there has to be a better way to get through to her. Really, who knows what is right when it comes to raising kids! Anyway, hopefully by being a happier me and for being thankful for the chance to teach Karoline I will be able to redirect her in a loving way. One in which she respects and is appreciative of instead of afraid of.

May you find a way to have more happiness in your day, a way to spread happiness and a way to enjoy and be thankful for all things!

Lemon Aid

Good morning world!

This morning I am letting Karoline have a little alone play time. I am of course sitting about 5 feet away from her but she is self entertaining very well. Sometimes I feel like I have to be right down with her every second of every day but really I know that she does need to learn to play on her own and she is doing a fabulous job.

Well, the house that we absolutely adored is off the market now. When Tim told me this last night when he came to bed and I was in a pretty deep sleep I simply replied, "There must be something better." I whole heartedly believe what I said in my sleepy state. I know that the house we fell in love with was shown to us so that we would not settle for anything less that something we adore.

In other news, I was sent two scam emails through my Pampered Chef website. I am a little appalled that there are people in the world who sit around and do things of this nature. I had a feeling something was a little fishy but I didn't want to assume the worst and wanted to have faith in people. I hope that the person behind this scam realizes that what they are doing is wrong and stops.

The last couple posts I have made comments about television. Low and behold last night just a few hours before Duck Dynasty is supposed to record our DirectTV just stops working for no apparent reason. Tim and I are pretty fed up with the fact that we seem to always have issues with our internet, phones or TV provider. Why don't things just work the way they are supposed to? But, it is small "issues" like this that are a good time to reflect on the fact that we are living with first world problems and they are not even problems at all. So, today I am thankful for all the items and things that make our day to day life so easy and very blessed.

I hope that everyone that has taken the time to read today's post feels the same way when they run across a hiccup in their day. Make lemon aid from lemons my friends!

Goose Egg

Today was quite the day. It started great, I got to sleep for 9 hours with only one 30 minute intermission! I think Karoline was awake at 6am but she was content to sit and play for an hour, it was wonderful. She has always been a good sleeper but lately when she wakes up she will stand up and be quite vocal. It's been tough but I am praying that we are over that phase.

Poor girl was just grumpy all day. I have been thinking her grumpiness for months has been teething. Truthfully I think all the times in the past have just been frustration. She is so smart and her brain is ahead of herself. I know as soon as she can communicate she will be much happier. I love now that she can shake her head and tell me no! Anyway, I do think that today may have been a result of teething. I am so weary to give her anything until I know that is for sure the problem. For the time being I give her gripe water, Mother's Bliss (p.s. anyone who has a new born really needs to stock their medicine cupboard with this stuff), it's all natural and it really has helped in the past when she has stomach issues. I have heard that there are some all natural teething tablets but I just haven't tried them. But, for my sanity and poor Karoline who is normally a pretty happy girl we may have to try them for the days that she is just fit to be tied.

Today Karoline got her first bruise from falling into my bed side table. We give her free reign and it seems this time it got the best of her. Poor girl slipped right on to the corner and boy was she upset. We put ice on it for as long as she would let us but a little bruise still popped up. I always knew there would be a first owie but I wasn't quite ready for it. However, she of course was fine after a few seconds and I do love that she is learning to explore the entire condo. Most days I feel like I'm having to redirect her every 30-60 seconds but I think that's ok. However, we do cover the outlets and have the cupboards closed with fasteners.

Tonight I think I may have finally found some motivation to get rid of the last of my baby weight. I think I only have about 5-7lbs to go but it sure looks like a lot more. I saw a sign on Pinterest that says, "Which do you hate more, the 30 minute work out or the 30 extra pounds?" Luckily I don't have 30 pounds to go but you get the idea. A few weeks ago I was stretching every morning and doing some sit ups, push ups and other living room exercises but I stopped for some reason or another. I do think it will be harder now that Karoline will be pulling up on my legs but I will give it a shot.

There was nothing good on TV tonight so instead of settling for some garbage I decided to listen to a sermon online from a few weeks back. I'm glad I did, it was a great way to end my night. There are quite a few that I missed while recovering from having Karoline so I think I will have to listen to them more often.

I have one more thing to say, and I am saying it here so that I have to hold myself to it. No more sugar. I am not quite ready to cut out bread like I usually do when I need to lose a few pounds (it takes a lot of meal planning to cut out bread). Eventually I will get to that point but for now, no sugar. I mean it, not even the last of the ice cream that is in the freezer. I know I will feel better if I can stick to this so wish me luck!

Late Night Rambling

As I sit here watching reruns of Duck Dynasty I have started to think about television in general. I truthfully would be perfectly fine with out cable. I do enjoy watching movies so I can't say I could completely go with out a TV. This prompt is from my pure dislike of some of the programming that I happen to catch when the TV is left on a channel or on commercials. We absolutely love Duck Dynasty and I sure wish that there were more wholesome shows like it. If I did not have cable/satellite I would most definitely have to rent the seasons of this show, I think it is great.

I can't help but wonder how different masses of people would be if nasty, yucky and scary shows were not available. I am not saying that our first amendment right should be taken away and that movies must all be PG. However, I am saying that I think that it is sad that such shows and movies that contain "bad" things are popular enough that the are continually made.

Anyway, that's my two cents ...

Today Karoline had her 9 month check up appointment! She did a great job, she showed off all of her tricks: walking, talking and being just darn right adorable. We have had some rough nights lately and I really never know what to expect. It sure is true that there is no book or manual for babies. All I can do is to try my best to do what I think is right. Most of the time when I have no clue what to do I do nothing for five minutes (I look at the clock and wait five minutes) and sometimes the problem seems to resolve itself. I'm hoping that tonight goes well and that I can get some sleep and that Karoline will sleep well too.

I hope and pray that we can teach her to enjoy things that are good and wholesome. I sure hope that by leading her in the right direction and teaching her how to deal with things that make her uncomfortable and seem wrong (yucky tv and movies) that she will have no desire to let those negatives into her life.

I love my husband and I love my daughter, I am blessed and now I must rest!

A Great Day

Today was such a fun day with my girl. This afternoon when Tim went to work Karoline and I got ready to go swimming. We headed over to the pool with out any screaming in the car, which was wonderful!

When we got to the pool I was able to get myself ready and Karoline as well with out her even making a peep. We played in the pool for about 20 minutes. She got a kick out of being able to stand up in the pool. She also enjoyed playing in her yellow floaty ring. Once her little hands started to get a little chilly we packed up and headed to the changing room. Again, no crying as we got ready and it really was just wonderful.

After swimming we got in the car and went up the road to do a little Walmart shopping. I had so much fun shopping with my girl. She enjoys sitting in the cart and looking around. On the way home she was a little fussy but eventually fell asleep.

Once we got into the house we had a great night. After bath time Karoline wasn't quite ready for bed so we played and laughed and just enjoyed each others company. I really feel like today I understood what she needed and she understood me. I know that tomorrow can be different but today was just wonderful. I really had a great day with my sweet girl.