The Middle of April

Today started out with a surprise, snow, lots of it. Spring snow showers are such a delight. I am excited for summer weather but I know that these last few snow storms will provide much needed moisture.

A few other things to report ...

Karoline and I still have runny/stuffy noses. Last week I overreacted and took Karoline in when her snot changed colors. I do believe every first time mom probably goes in to the doctor too often but, better safe than sorry. In the process of our check up (the runny nose was a non issue) the doctor actually found a cyst in her right ear canal. Thinking back now I have noticed her tugging on her right ear for a few months now. At her nine month appointment I mentioned it but thought it was an ear infection and was told that ear tugging is not a sign of ear infection (most of the time). I think I remember the doctor checking her ear but I am not sure. Now I know that if I have any hesitation or questions that I need to ask point blank that I would like her ears looked at. Anyway, I do think he did look and perhaps it was just too small to see. We found this cyst very early as it is still very small even now. We are going back again next week to check for any growth. If there is growth we will then consult an ear, nose and throat specialist. However, my prayers are that the cyst will go away on its own.

My sweet girl is growing and getting so big and loves to play with phones lately. She will pick up any object that remotely looks like a phone and hold it to her ear and say, "hello." She is great at mimicking sounds and really does say, "hello!" I am so thankful to be able to watch her learn every day. Yesterday brought something new, I walked into my room and found Karoline with my planner and pen. She was sitting on the ground trying to write in the planner with the pen in her right hand. So, I quickly ran and got the box of eight big crayons out and a pad of paper. Sure enough she loved writing on the paper. The crayons of course still ended up in her mouth here and there but she really loved writing. I need to make a craft that I saw on Pinterest for her. Some finger paint in a plastic bag taped to a white paper on a board or table. This way she can use her finger to move the paint and create with out anything going in her mouth.

Today was a sad day in our nation. Watching news coverage of the bombing in Boston made me very sad. Last night we watched a movie that triggered the same emotions, but that was a movie. I know that I can't shield out all the bad in the world but, I have decided to stick to rated PG-13 movies. I can't bare the sadness in our world but I can keep out the sadness in movies.

I am very thankful to have a husband that reminds me God is in control when it is easy to be sad about a situation.

Praying for all effected by the bombings, our nation and the leaders of our nation as I go to bed tonight.


This morning I finally find what was missing for me to be able to be "so happy that others around me can't help but be happy too" ... Exercise. I am one who only will exercise when it is disguised as something else. So, yoga was the perfect fit for me. A little bit of time just for me and my body definitely benefitted as well, and by that I mean I am sore, in a good way!

My short and sweet post is simply to remind you all that the doctors and the "they" are right. You really need time for yourself and exercise on a regular basis. Here's to hoping it works out for me to go again on Monday!


Quickly while my sweet girl is taking a late afternoon nap I am going to write a quick post. It seems lately that once Karoline goes to bed I just barely have enough time to eat dinner and shower before it's time to go to bed. When the time changed we decided to keep Karoline on her clock and allow her to go to bed an hour later since this summer it will be nice to have an extra hour outside. I think once it's warm this will be nice but for now it is keeping me feeling very rushed at night. Lucky for me I am a stay at home mom and I am able to find a way to get things done, even though I feel as though I really don't get much done.

Karoline is great at walking but now also can walk to where ever I am no matter what barrier I have in place so that I can get a few things done or lunch made, she is a strong little one. Coming to terms that things just don't get done in the same fashion that they used to has helped quite a bit but is still hard for the A-type in me.

Let's see, what else is new in the world of Karoline... In addition to her knowing and using, mama, dada, papa, nana and no she has now added "ba" ba is used for banana as well as baby when we are reading her book about babies. It's so neat to watch her learn and grow, she is truly remarkable. It's funny, when I put her to bed I miss having her around and I am so thankful every morning when I am blessed with another day to play with her.

Tomorrow I am going to get myself to the gym for a yoga class, I am really excited about it! I am already trying to talk myself out of it but I know that I will feel great if I go and it might be just what I need to help my body. Lately I feel so stiff and just blah, I know exercise will help and yoga sounds just the right pace for this mama to start with. Maybe there will be a zumba class in the future, boy do I miss dancing!

A few other random fun things, we are going out to look at more houses this weekend and Tim got a promotion at work! Hallelujah, God is good!