Let's be honest ...

This is my first blog post in months. Tim is off to finish up a motorcycle license class and Karoline is still asleep. To be completely honest, waking up early suits me. I enjoy how much energy I have with a few more minutes of alone time until my boss wakes up and calls, "mama, mama, mama, mama ..." you get the idea. I find it difficult to post in the evenings, by the time I get Karoline into bed, shower and eat it is already time for me to start thinking about bed myself so that I can do it all again tomorrow. No complaints here, it's just how things work out. So, perhaps I need to start waking up earlier to write, I miss it. I miss the idea of having a good place to store Karoline's accomplishments.

Here's a quick recap of our little princess. She sleeps 11 hours straight most nights, when she doesn't you would think our whole world was shaken. Thank goodness those nights are now very few and far between. She is starting to put sentences together. I've recently come to the realization that maybe it's only me that can figure out what she is saying sometimes but never the less she is doing it! Most sentences are, "I want a ...I need a..." but recently we got an, "I love you too." They were the most precious sounding words I've ever heard!

This week we get to go to our 20 week ultra sound appointment to finally see our little R2! I'm beyond excited. I feel like the pregnancy is flying by but at the same time creeping along. The perfect combination, I'm excited to meet the baby but am enjoying being pregnant. We've talked about this being our last baby, you never know but better to enjoy every minute of it just in case.

More later, the boss beacons!

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