13.9 Miles from Boulder

It's happening and I can't say that I'm surprised. I'm writing blogs about feeding my family healthy, organic and allergy free foods. I "baby wear" more than I use a stroller. I cloth diaper my baby. I breastfeed. "Gluten free," is a common phrase out of my mouth. We are drinking a ton of vegetable juice. I'm wearing yoga pants (with no intention of doing yoga) as an acceptable form of clothing, even outside of the house. The biggest hint was when I decided that I would like to try running a race for fun. That's right, me, the girl who has yet to master running and breathing at the same time. I can only imagine that I'll walk most of it, but I still want to give it a try. Gasp!

When we bought our house I was aware that we were close to Boulder. I didn't realize we were as close as we are, 13.9 miles. I knew it was a matter of time before the "Boulder lifestyle" would become our way of life. I don't like the taste of alcohol so I am not on the band wagon of beer tasting at local breweries. I have yet to ever see that green leaf in person and intend to keep it that way, even if it is "legal." But, I fear that despite these exceptions I am becoming, dare I say it, chewy. I don't think I'm completely "crunchy/granola" ...yet.

I jokingly open with my chewiness to reveal that I finally took the plunge, with the support of my husband, and bought my Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit! I can not wait for it to arrive! This last year I have have been blessed with a new group of friends to love and share this stage in life with. Two of them use and sell essential oils. I've been curious for a few months about what all the oils can do for my family. After a get together last week and learning more about the oils I knew purchasing my own set was a choice that would impact our family in nothing but a positive way. One of my dear friends put it better than I can when she said, "I'm riding my life of chemicals in more than one aspect: medicine, cleaning supplies, facial/bath products, aromatherapy (NO more candles/wax warmers) and supplements. I know exactly what I am putting into my body and my families."

My last blog post focused on finding healthy options for my family to eat. All of my efforts to keep my family on the right track with healthy eating are great goals. However, if I'm still filling our house with harmful and harsh chemicals in other ways then I'm still not providing the best environment for them.

I have become passionate about caring for my family. I know that sounds silly, who isn't? For me this means that I'm focusing on riding our house of toxic items one thing at a time. I live in the real world and I'm on a budget. So, I'm doing this one step at a time. When I run out of a cleaning supply I now will replace it with a "green" cleaner. Lord willing I will be able to replace it with a Young Living product. The item I am most excited about is the Essential Oil diffuser. I can't wait to fill my home with amazing smells that are also killing the airborne germs in our house at the same time. No more chemicals from candles and wax warmers. Goodbye and good riddance to aerosol disinfecting sprays!

I am still breastfeeding Alexandra so this means my options for medicine are limited. Furthermore my children are still too young for most medicines. I am not a doctor and I know there will be times that my girls will need an antibiotic or medical attention. But, in the mean time I am ready to try a different option and use Young Living Essential Oils to help with our overall health and well being. Oils that are just that, oils. No chemicals, dyes, or words I can't pronounce.

If you are reading this and you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have small children or simply want to look into other health options for your families, let's talk. Let's look to the "oil cabinet" together!
The ones I love the most, the ones that are about to become my "oily" little family! 

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