June Specials

Essential oils have become apart of our daily routine.

We wake up, Grapefruit or Lemon in our water.
NingXia Red after water.

Diffuse something summery smelling since the sun is refusing to shine in Colorado.
Use a cleaner made with Thieves on the counters and floors.
Stress Away on the back of my neck because I'm cleaning up after girls (and husband) non stop.

Peppermint on tummies that are feeling a bit queasy.

Thieves on the bottom of the girls' feet before leaving the house to keep germs away.

Lavender in the bath tub.
SleepyIze on the girls' feet before bed.
Diffuse Lavender while they sleep.

PanAway and a Lavender/coconut oil mixture on Tim's feet (he works 12 hour days on concrete). This addition to his evening helps him fall asleep fast and have fresh feet for the next day (it's also a nice ten minutes for just us).

Purification on my face, thank you red spots.
Frankincense and Lemon in my lotion for my face and neck.
Thieves and Lemon "tea" to help ease a sore throat.
Lavender on my jaw to help with clenching my teeth.

There are several work from home businesses that are using Facebook to acquire business and team members. I myself sell Pampered Chef and I'm fairly certain there is no way I would still be a consultant if it were not for social media.

But for me, Young Living Essential Oils are different. They are a way to change your day and life for the better. A way to have a day without chemicals. Would I like to make a profit, sure, who wouldn't? My goal is to pay for the oils that we are using as a family with the checks that I receive from Young Living. My hope is for each and every one of my family members and friends to have the ability to try essential oils. To turn to oils instead of the medicine cabinet that is full of chemicals and dyes.

For the month of June I would like to make it easier for my followers to purchase a starter kit. The Premium Starter Kit starts at $150 but there is the added expense of tax and shipping. If you are one of the first two purchasers this month I will reimburse you for your tax and shipping costs. Or you may choose to receive a FREE bottle of R.C. oil.

If you are in need of more information about Essential Oils please visit my Young Living Essential Oils page. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

What's in a name?

What's in a name? For an A-type blogger, apparently a lot. A few days back I purchased my own domain name for my blog. So long, ".blogspot," and good riddance. It was quite liberating to have a domain name and now a much more professional looking blog. My domain cost me $12. The updates to my page have all been free and completed with some helpful hints from a friend and Pinterest.

If I'm being completely honest there are days that I find myself jealous of those who have, "more." There were times that I was tempted to purchase a template for my page. However, when I sit back and look at how I am able to accomplish things with little to no money it makes me thankful for my clearance rack personality, thanks mom and Auntie Liz! I would like to think that this is also appreciated by my husband. By being aware and sparing when I spend money on extras it is a small way to show him I appreciate how hard he works for our family.

So, here it is, the not so grand reveal of my new website/blog. The pages are updated and I hope to add more pages soon. Enjoy!

Pictures always make a post better. Even if it's a little blurry and the small child is less than thrilled (she's been a real pistol since turning one folks). Even grumpy and angry looking she is still adorable! 

Cleaning Day

I love to have things clean. Not to be mistaken with the statement, "I love to clean." The two are different, very different. My cleaning day was planned. We were going to have an outing, laundry would be done, the house would be clean and dinner would be ready when my husband got home. Or so I thought. That's about the time my sweet baby decided to un-swallow all of her milk, all over the carpet. Three times.

An amazing friend came to the rescue and took Karoline for me. I put Alexandra in the carrier and used the carpet cleaner on our upstairs carpets. The carpets were cleaned and the laundry was going by 7:30 a.m., no harm no foul. I even had clean carpets.

I thought for sure our "un-swallow" episode was a one time ordeal. We went to Costco. We came home covered in more un-swallowed milk. A huge thank you to the grandma who stepped in to be our grandma and grabbed tons of napkins and willingly helped us with our mess.

We headed to see our pediatrician since sweet baby had yet to have a wet diaper. A not so quick trip later we had a diagnosis that most likely pointed to a stomach bug. Alexandra was given a prescription for an anti-nausea medicine. We dropped off her prescription and I just could not bring myself to pick it up. I do not feel right about giving my baby such a strong medicine. In my opinion, if she were to need this medicine then she would need more extensive care.

So here I am, everyone is asleep. The house is only half clean. I'm going to have to completely start over. Call it OCD, call it whatever you want, it's going to have to happen. But, not tonight, and not tomorrow, we have plans. Maybe Monday. This was a day that I was forced to remember that days will not always go as I have them planned. I have to be okay with this and take the days as they come. I have to embrace and enjoy each day, because we are not promised tomorrow. I decided to scroll through Facebook before going to bed to try and unwind. I saw some happy posts, but some that broke my heart as well. I have friends who have sick family members, really sick. I have friends who have had to give their babies back to heaven. Friends who are not sure how they are going to pay for dinner at the end of the month. All of this in my little world. Outside of that little world there are unthinkable things that occur every day. There are people that pray to have my problems.

This post isn't meant to glorify my life. Perhaps a reminder, a reminder to be thankful and to give thanks. Next time try to catch yourself when start to get upset when your plans don't go as you had expected, I know I will certainly try to. My goal is to look for the diamonds in the rough. Thank you to everyone who supported us today. Your phone calls, texts, providing napkins and child care were much appreciated.