Be Kind

When we talk to our girls and redirect them we often use the phrase, "Be kind." As a true Disney kid I would be lying if I didn't disclose that this came from watching the most recent version of Cinderella.

In the last few weeks my sweet two year old has turned this lesson against me. She has started to pick up on when I am getting stressed or overwhelmed and short with either her or her sister. This is when her tiny little voice will say, "Be kind, Mom." The couple times she has said this I have been so thankful for her brave and simple words. She makes me stop in my tracks, take a breath and laugh a little. She reminds me that I do need to be kind and to take the time to make sure my responses are appropriate.
Come Tuesday night I'm afraid to see what the world of social media will look like in reflection of this years extremely difficult (is difficult the right word? -- it seems to fit) election results. In the words of my two year old, I pray that all will be kind. I hope that all think before we speak and if we don't have anything nice to say we don't say anything at all.

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