Warm Winter Days

I needed today. I don't think I realized just how much I missed that warm summer sun. My soul has been beyond happy with two extremely warm winter days in a row.

Tim and I often joke about selling everything we own and moving to Hawaii. On several occasions we have come really close to making that happen. I'm pretty sure we are confusing the tar out of Karoline with our constant talk about moving. We love our house and neighborhood so we will stay put for a while. Ask me again how I feel next time it snows. Chances are I'll be looking at my daily email from Zillow showcasing houses in Hawaii.

Growing up in Southern Colorado, I'm became accustomed to mild winter weather. Since moving to North/West Denver I feel like winters have a real chill to them. It tends to stick around well into late spring. Who would have thought a two and a half hour drive north could make such a big difference?! I feel like this is the perfect place for Game of Thrones joke but it's not coming to me ...
For now I will take all the warm days I get. So will the girls, it's currently 75° and I'm dreading going inside to make dinner. 
So, I'll take a shameless messy (extremely dry and brittle) hair selfie. Loving my new Juicy sunglasses: $9.99, courtesy of TJ Maxx.

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