Mom, am I three?

My joyful Alexandra,

This morning I heard your door open and out you walked asking, "Mom, am I three?" Yes, you are THREE.

As I went to bed last night I remembered around that time when I was in labor with you I got an epidural because you were showing NO signs of making your appearance. As fate would have it you were born the following day, via C-section at 8:52 in the morning.

Here we are, three years later. Our lives are more than blessed by your addition to our family.

In the last year you've gown so much, your hair hasn't (I'm sorry you got my extremely slow growing hair). You did get your dads "tan for the whole stinking summer" in 20 minutes of being outside in the spring, you lucky girl you.

  • You still love your blanket but know it has to stay in your room
  • Your favorite foods are almond flour pancakes, cutie oranges (some days) and ice cream
  • You get yourself completely ready every day (you have been known to leave the house without socks under your tennis shoes)
  • You know a few letters
  • You know most your colors but do not like to perform them
  • You can count to 14
  • Just a few minutes ago you proclaimed to me that you're three so you can now have coffee (your taste buds are far beyond your years)
My darling girl in this last year you have become such a compassionate child. You will willingly give the last of your snack to anyone who looks like they might need it. If there's only one color of a treat left you will offer it to your sister before taking it. You have a kind heart. We are so proud of you. 

This photo is one that I thought I lost or didn't get taken about 10 times. So I'm putting it here to make extra sure that doesn't happen... again!
 I think you look so much like your Papa Joe here... it might be the lack of hair ;)

Birthday morning!
Birthday dress!