Today I took the girls shopping. This is super rare for us. Even more uncommon is a trip just for the girls, and hardly ever for "frivolous" shopping. 

They had saved their money for a few months and decided they wanted little purses. The little purses will allow for them to take their money for the church offering. This way they don't have to have pockets or try to hold onto it for an hour. 

Watching them shop was downright fun for me. Having girls I looked forward to these days and today did not disappoint. They knew we were there just for purses and were ok to look, touch (after asking) and put things back other things. 

Imagine their surprise when they found out they could pick another two things (darn buy 3, get 3 free). 
      Karoline told me thank you for taking them shopping and that she really loved me. Alexandra followed her example. I won't be caught buying their love, but today was a good day. 

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