Ooby Dooby Baby

I've been searching for stylish and practical clothes for our girls for a while. Here's my dilemma, I really want them to look cute and stylish, but I need their clothes to be simple and practical too.

Then I found Ooby Dooby Baby, a company owned by a mom to two girls. Obviously I had to check it out. I loved what I saw! Cute and practical clothes that can be dressed up or rocked plain to make a bold statement. 

When the opportunity to collaborate with Ooby Dooby Baby came about I knew I had to jump on it!

I selected the "I am Brave, Fearless & Strong" tee for Alexandra. If you know her, you know these words define our little curly haired girl.

In my mind I had a great expectation for what would come of our photoshoot. Colorado had other plans and threw me a curve ball with an extremely cold (even though it was sunny) morning on the day we had set aside to take pictures. Being the mom that I am I couldn't fight it. I didn't want to force pictures into happening on a day that was proving ready to fight back. So we went home and played for a bit to warm up.

Typically I size up when purchasing the girls clothes. Usually they fit for a couple of years when I do this. I don't have to worry about shirts being too short then either. For whatever reason I forgot to size up with this order. Thankfully Ooby Dooby Baby makes pretty much the most perfect tee I've ever put on one of the girls and it fit's exactly how I like them to!

Check out Ooby Dooby Baby to find the tee (or bib) that fits your little one. With every purchase the company donates a portion of the sale to ChildHelp, a great organization that helps children who are abused.

A New Zoo

Today we had a follow up doctors appointment to check on Karoline's ear drum that ruptured last Thursday. These are the moments that are not in the parent hand book. I had no knowledge of ear aches (praise the Lord neither of the girls had ever ha one, until now) or even that ear drums could rupture! Now I do. 

To make the most of the day we decided to try a new (to the girls) zoo! We grabbed Uncle Scottie and headed to the Pueblo Zoo. While it was smaller than the Denver Zoo, I really enjoyed the intimate (read, not crowded) atmosphere. We were able to walk at our leisure and weren't in anyones way, because we were the only ones there!
So thankful to see this smile again. Seeing your kids sick has to be the worst.
Little chickens!
We needed a picture with the lion who watched us go around the entire exhibit!

We had the entire play structure all to ourselves. I still need to blog about our move home, it's been harder than I expected. But days like today go on the positives list: time with family, less crowds and I love the Southern Colorado warm weather!

Christmas in October

There are some days that I hope I don't forget. Yesterday when I took the girls to the "North Pole" is  one of them.
I'm not sure if it was the magic of Santa, the beautiful 75 degree weather or the company that made this day magical. I have a sneaky suspicion it was a combination of all three.
Our first "real" ride (other than the Denver Zoo carousel and train)! Both girls were a little timid but warmed up quickly.
I discovered that neither of the girls have a fear of heights.
Sweet friends are such a blessing!
This girl chose the motorcycle, just like dad.

If you haven't made your way to the North Pole make sure to add it to your Colorado bucket list. As an added bonus, October is Military appreciation month and the discount is significant (as it should be)!