Not a baby any more, you’re four!


About a week ago I was asking you how is it that you've gotten so big. You're response was, "I'll always be your baby, mom." This instantly moved me to tears. Yes, you will always be my baby. But somehow, in the last year, your sweet baby frame has become that of a little girl. Gone are your toddler belly and little wrist wrinkles. 

Perhaps more telling of your age is your demeanor. Oh, little bug, you are so smart. You astound us daily with your knowledge of life and your ability to take care of yourself. All the while perfecting your sign language ABC's and rattling off facts that you remember from school or things you had overheard. 

We adore you. You are a sweet and sensitive girl. All we have to do is give you "the look" and you melt to tears. Your eagerness to please is precious. 

Four years ago I was hoping you would be born on 4/14/14. There was no end of labor in sight and you had a plan of your own as to when you would enter the world. Your birth story is one of my most favorite stories. Because you, my Danda girl, are one of my most astounding blessings. 

This year it has become wildly apparent that you were born with a love for Jesus in your heart. I have a feeling that God has big plans for you. Watching your journey is something I consider myself privileged to witness. 

Happy birthday, my sweet, joyful, Danda bug. We love you so much. 

Love, Mommy
*Here are some of my most favorite photos of you from the last year! 
Post nap snuggles with you are my FAVORITE!
This might be one of my most favorite photos of you, ever!

3/15/18, You asked Jesus into your heart!
We can always count on you for a good laugh.

Very thankful that you still love being close to momma!

Your first day of school!

Leave it to you ...

You loved those little "heal" flip flops

One of the first times we were able to get a bow to stay in your hair.

You're an amazing helper. You see what someone needs and do it!

You don't mind getting messy!

My sweet, little lamb-y!

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