Together We Can

A little “Jamie” fun fact: I was born in San Diego. My dad was in the Navy and my mom worked for NASSCO. With both parents working full time I had a live in nanny, who I lovingly called my Nana. My Nana is a Filipina woman. I have several memories of my Nana, even though we left California when I was five. 

When I turned seven my mom shared with me that in my Nana’s culture the age of seven was a celebrated milestone. At seven you have all the traits you have for life. 

Today, our sweet Karoline is seven and a half. Two days ago I looked up to see this written on my board...
“Together we all can be possible of many things, and all things, because we can help create something amazing in the whole wide world! 

And we can do anything, no matter how hard it may be.
We can do many things, no matter how many disabilities we have!

A love for writing has begun to emerge in our girl. Her poems and thoughts are flowing and seeing her share her heart through words is beautiful and makes me SO proud.

May we all have the heart and faith of a child to see obstacles as something we can always over come, especially if we work together.

Happy half birthday, Karoline. Thank you for showing me inside your heart and for this beautiful reminder. 

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