The House My Husband Built, Part 1: Bathrooms, Side Spaces and Kitchen

We moved into the home my husband built in July! Since then we've still been finishing major projects and trying to find pieces to fill our home. I really would love to just have the whole house decorated already. However, I'm working through decor and pictures we have to try and rework them in new spaces and give them life, even if they aren't my absolute favorite. Hopefully I'll be able to find a few accents and pieces of furniture to fill in a few more spaces as the months go on.
I hesitate to share because I'm no Joanna Gaines, I'm not sure if anything in the house even actually goes together. I am just a girl who is striving for trendy while keeping it simple and on budget.
Hopefully grass will be in place of all this dirt come spring time!
Lots of chalk art on the concrete in the mean time.
I STILL need to paint the front door... We are leaning towards navy blue.
Front entry, still need a fancy rug, I really like this one, a sign and coat hooks. 
The rebar on the rails was left over from our foundation. I found something like this on Pinterest and Tim made it happen!
Mud room, eventually there will be storage closets, a bench, permanent hooks (these are just the stick on) and cubbies for shoes, hats and gloves. 
I’m standing by the laundry room and the half bath. 
This mirror is from Target.
Basket: Hobby Lobby, $4 on clearance.
Gallery wall made up of items we already had.
 The girls' hallways. I LOVE my measuring stick. I've wanted this since I was pregnant with Karoline.
 Girls bathroom (this mirror was supposed to be black but it kept coming broken). There are gold accents in here so this works, too. Vanity is from Costco.
Tim's office, storage, shelving and new curtains needed in this space.
One day this living room corner will house two cute chairs and a round whisky barrel type table.
I love this little corner. Plant, free at school; basket, from a sweet old neighbor; blanket, IKEA, old books, from thrift stores and one from my dear mother in law; candle sticks, free at a yard sale; letter board, Hobby Lobby. The brick on the fireplace is the thin brick version of the brick on the exterior of the home. I'm contemplating white washing it a bit. However, I also really like it as it is.

 Master bath: rugs from Amazon.
 Vanity from Costco and mirror from Ross for $50.
 Still need to find another curtain option. Thinking black Roman shades.
 Master closet, hers.
Master closet, his. Organizer from Wayfair.
 The cake plate with lid, on the top shelf, was my great grandmothers.
 Coffee bar, needs to be painted navy blue (I bought it from a neighbor for $10). A smart friend suggested painting it a color that has meaning to us. Navy would have been one of our wedding colors, had we not decided that spending an insane amount of money on one day for a wedding was crazy.
 Beyond the coffee bar leads back to the mudroom, laundry and half bath.
 Some cool kitchen organization that my A-type heart loves!
I didn't even know a drawer microwave was a thing.
This thing freaks me out. Physics, I don't get it.
This is the only light we will be replacing, not bad for having to make all house decisions while also becoming a teacher and working mom for the first time...
I had wanted a round, farmhouse-y table, Tim said no. So, now the light doesn't quite fit the feel of this space. We will get a black, more square/edgy one... some day. Anyone want this light? We paid $150 (around there), make an offer. Kidding, but not really...
I'd like to find a washable rug for under the table.
 Tim made the floating shelves.
 He made the range hood cover, another Pinterest desire.
Tim also installed all of the cabinets.
Stools and black handles; Amazon. Tim poured the concrete counter tops on his own. Sink is from Costco. Most of the faucets in the house came from Lowes. The pot filler faucet was from a specialty plumbing website.

If you've stuck with me this long, thanks! I'm waiting on our bed frame to arrive and a few more things to be decided on in the girls rooms. Once they are in, part 2 will feature the bedrooms and the living room.

If you see anything you like or have questions on be sure to ask!

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