See You Soon

To my sweet students and all of their friends who made their way to my room,

Is it creepy if I say I can picture you all walking up to my room at the end of the hall to say goodbye? I can see some of my tall boys, slouching a bit in their towering height, ending their endearing goodbye with a, "Welp, see ya later." I can see some of my precious girls tugging at their shorts a bit before they get to me, because they know I'll try to do it for them, giving me a hug and ending with an, "I'll see you later, oh and on Instagram." There are my boys who walk a bit wide to keep their pants up, the ones who have their hat on because they know I never notice or think to tell them to take it off, the girls who came just when they needed things, and then came just for a "hi." The loud ones yelling at me from one-hundred yards away, greeting me with a giant hug.

Oh my precious kids, my heart is breaking hard for the memories we missed out on making.

You all know that I never ask you to memorize anything. In large part because I know that there will always be a "Hey Siri" or internet browser not too far away from your life from here on out. You also know I believe it's far more important for me to teach you where to find the answers you need. I know you put that to the test these last few weeks. I hope I prepared you to find what you needed and that you asked questions when you had them.

Another lesson I plan to leave you with, one that I will incorporate IN my classroom again (soon) is this...

Kiddos, peanuts, sweet students, guys, gals, sunshines, darlings, gentlemen, ladies, stinkers, and all of the other nicknames I've given you,

We choose how we react.

We decide if we will flourish.

We get to make the most of our situations.

We battle.

We learn to grow where the wind blows us.

You all have made it through something incredibly hard, crazy, and downright insane. You should be so dang proud of yourselves. Know that I am so proud of EACH and every one of you.

We don't know what the future holds and that's ok. Alright, I have one more lesson students, we have to stay in the moment, ok? Let tomorrow worry about itself.

Right now I ask this of each and every one of you, have a blessed summer full of safe, fun, creative, and sunny days. Don't look back and don't look too far ahead either. Just be. Just be your sweet and INCREDIBLE selves this summer.
I pray that soon I will see you all making your way back down that long hall way, a little tanner, a little taller, with beautiful youth in your eyes, and smiles on your faces coming to say, "Guess what, Mrs. Reed?!" so very, very soon.

I love you, all of you (even those of you who are little stinkers, some of you are actually my favorite ... and you all know I call you all my favorites, because you are).

Be safe!

Have fun!

Live in the moment!

I'll see you soon,
Mrs. Reed

P.S. Seniors, I am so incredibly proud of you and how you have handled all of this. You all have a jump start in the world and in overcoming any and all obstacles. You are a force to be reckoned with, Class of 2020! Be sure to come see me when you're in town!

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