Hold on to Hope

The world we’ve entered into is eerily familiar. The pages of a history textbook are appearing to come to life right before our eyes. 

How did we get here? All around us we’re bombarded with responses that showcase science as the bottom line. Our nation is divided on any and every given subject. We know any statement made in opposition, such as this one, will bring ridicule and criticism. Some are willing to endure the heat and stay true to their hearts and beliefs. Some may even fight back. Some stand silent and watch. Some have not been able to watch, it’s too much, they are done and have left this world behind. Some shout the loudest to tell others what they are doing wrong and how ashamed they should be that they are not caring about their fellow man. Some have strong opinions. 

Our world is sick. But the sickness, is it really something that a test can fix? Is this the real world? Is this how individuals felt in the 1930's, just a mere 90 years ago? Were they asking these same questions as their rights and freedoms were stripped away one by one? 

Individual with the bull horn, can you hear yourself? Do you see you’re breaking your fellow man with your blanket statements? Your constant and incessant pleas for everyone to adhere to new rules and regulations are wearing on them, but not in the way you’re hoping. They will not break and follow the new rules and regulations. If they have’t by now it’s not going to happen. Instead they are becoming bitter and losing hope and joy. Your response, hope and joy lost are worth the casualty if it saves humanity from a mystery that has come upon us. But how do you know? The heart and soul are tender.

Dear tired friend, hold on to hope. Hold on to joy. Hold on to your beliefs. Hold on to whatever it is that makes your days worth living. Hold on to self worth. Hold on to knowing you can love others even if they don’t believe what you do. Hold on to knowing you can love others even if they decide they can’t love you. Hold on and pray that this too shall pass. 

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