Magnolia Market - Dreams Come True

When our girls were little I was a stay at home mom. Tim was on a non-traditional swing shift schedule so we would have some time during the day at home with him as well. One of our favorite shows to watch was Fixer Upper. Even Karoline enjoyed it as a toddler!

We had an opportunity to go to Waco, TX with Tim, who was picking up an enclosed trailer for his business. The girls and I could not miss this opportunity to visit the empire Chip and Joanna Gaines has built, Magnolia Market! It was an extremely quick trip, with a fair bit of driving every day...

We went, we saw, we adored, we ate, we left extremely happy and thankful for this opportunity!

First stop, Magnolia Table! We got there at 8 a.m. on a Friday and only had to wait about five minutes.

I had to try the signature avocado toast!
Lavender lemon donuts with the best cup(s) of coffee!
It was simply gorgeous every where we looked!
The cutest little colored pencils for the kiddos!
We were dressed and ready for the forecasted 80* and sun ...
Full disclosure, I was so mad at myself for not dressing cute and Fall trendy. Like, almost let it ruin my time. I just know how we all get when we are hot and was trying to avoid that. I had to let it go...

Next stop, Magnolia Market ... time to see the Silos!
There were so many happy little bees!

Our precious girls

Walking up to the entrance by Magnolia Press was a dream come true!
Getting a photo with this Santa books up weeks in advance. I can't believe we got one on the fly! So sweet of him to stop!
I was so excited when I saw him coming. 
Again, so sad about our outfits. It is what it is.
My loves!
We traveled 783 #MilesToMagnolia

I should have also remembered to bring stuff for natural curls in humidity vs. curling iron curls. 
We still have three cupcakes on our counter and I'm in love with them. 
What a blessing it was to get to visit Magnolia Market. If we ever go again I look forward to trying more of the food trucks and sitting for a while to take in the whole feel of the beautiful silo district area. Our trip was fast and we were constantly going and moving. However, I'm so thankful we got to go!

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