Hello, my name is Jamie Reed. On May 1, 2010, I graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with my BA in Mass Communications. One week after I graduated I went on my last "first date." The next two months were a whirl wind of fun and excitement as I feel in love and became Mrs. Timothy Reed. Yes, we got married exactly two months after our first date. Some thought we were crazy, some thought I must have been pregnant. They might have been right about one part, maybe we were a little crazy, crazy in love.
First Date, 5/8/10
We had a wedding planned out and even for a small wedding we would have come in over budget and it still wouldn't have been a fantasy wedding. As my fathers daughter this kind of fiasco of planning a wedding to spend a huge chunk of money on just one day couldn't last. It didn't take long at all, I'm far too practical to spend so much for one day. Don't get me wrong, some people are all about the wedding and have dreamed of their special day for years. I however, never seemed to have much of a vision for my wedding day but more so for my happily ever after. I wanted a prince charming and a fairy tale marriage. All the men in my life, my dad, whom I call papa, Tim, and my father-in-law were all thrilled when I came to my senses and decided to skip the show of a wedding.

We had no plans for a wedding, we knew we just had to be married before August. When we ditched the wedding plans we decided to use our wedding money and go on a week long honeymoon to Hawaii instead! My parents anniversary and my mother-in-law's birthday happen to fall just a few days apart. We had planned to all go out to dinner to celebrate the two occasions. The night before this dinner date we announced to our parents that we would be getting married in the morning at the court house and that we would love for them to be there!

July 8, 2010, it was perfect, it was, "just right." Society wouldn't have thought it was, "just right," at all. My dad was wearing socks with his sandals, my rings were still being sized, just to name a few. But, there is perfection in the imperfection. My dad's classic socks and sandals provided the calming comic relief that we all needed to calm the nerves of the fact that we were really getting married. My missing rings allowed me to use the ring that my mom wore as her wedding ring for years. We had each other, our parents, both of whom have been amazing examples of happy and long lasting commitments to each other, and a pastor to perform the service. My dad says it was his kind of wedding, no need to dress up and under 5 minutes! My mom even got a little teary eyed when I reached out and grabbed Tim's hands, he's my lobster!
Wedding Day, 7/8/10
Our first year of marriage included: finding a home out on a farm at the edge of town, a reception at the park, a honeymoon in Hawaii, learning how to live with each other and finding "our" way.

Close to our first anniversary we found ourselves picking up the life we had made together and moving to Littleton so that Tim could pursue a job with MillerCoors Brewing Company. The news that Tim had gotten the job was such a blessing for us but we had very little time to get packed and moved. We settled in a one bedroom apartment in a fairly large apartment complex on the edge of town. A far cry from our farm house with lots of open space, but never the less, there are positives in every situation.

With a new job and benefits we were able to have the conversation that most married couples have, we wanted to have a baby.
Little, "R1," ended up being a fairly easy pregnancy after a bit of a rough start. I gained 52 pounds but other than that it was pretty text book.
 30 Weeks
 31 Weeks
 Huge I tell ya. Poor Tim... 
 One last picture as just the two of us! We both just told the nurses we were sure this baby is a boy.
 It's a ... GIRL!
Karoline Christelle Reed was born on May 27, 2012, at 1:00 in the afternoon. She was 7 lbs, 10 oz and 20.75 inches long. 

We moved about a month after Karoline was born into a condo in Golden, CO. It was a true blessing from God that this two bedroom, two bathroom found us. It as exactly what we needed and could afford. Over the course of that year we spent as little money as possible. Karoline and I went to the park and library quite often. When Karoline was about nine months old we were able to start the process of buying a house. We looked at hundreds of homes online. We would go through pages and pages every day, morning and night, trying to find the perfect house. We looked at over 30 in person, Denver's housing market is down right nuts. With the help of an extraordinary realtor we were able to find our home. All in God's timing, with a few miracles to boot.
We have our first house!
After living in our house for a few months we were able to replace the truck that we had sold to afford a down payment for our house. I wanted a mini-van at the time and Tim could not wrap his mind around that idea. 
And shortly after this first picture as a family of four (unknown to us) was taken and the truck had a new license plate Karoline learned all about making faces. 
R2, Due April 8, 2014, Tim openly admits the minivan would have been a better choice...
Now, if I thought Karoline's pregnancy was easy this second pregnancy was even easier. Had it not been for the basketball under my shirt I would have never known I was pregnant. We again spent our whole pregnancy thinking this baby was a boy. Every single person who saw my belly thought it had to be a boy.
 Karoline and the belly
 8 months
 38 weeks
9 months, mid sentence, only 40 pounds this time
And then another week went by. And finally, at 41 weeks, we were going to meet our baby. I had to have one last picture with Karoline.
 Alexandra Elizabeth Reed born April 15, 2014, at 8:52 in the morning. She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 19.5 inches
 A family of four

The first year of Alexandra's life has gone by faster than any year prior. We now have a one year old and in just a few weeks we will have a three year old. We are happy and we are thankful for all of the blessings and joy in our lives. We have become immersed in our neighborhood and have friends to share this chapter of life with. We have family that we love. Words will never be enough to describe this amazing journey we are on. But words (and pictures) are all I have and I will do my best to capture our lives here.  


  1. Jamie, this is so exciting! Happy blogging, and I'm excited to see how this new venture develops. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Ro, I've wanted to do something like this for a while! Finally did it!