Young Living Essential Oils

You think you want to try Young Living Essential Oils? Great! 

You may be thinking, "What are Essential Oils used for and how do I use them?" This link leads to a video to answers these questions. In my family we are exploring the use of oils instead of turning to our medicine cabinet. We put them on topically and diffuse them. I've even added drops of lavender to our girls bath water to help aid in calming them down at night.

I recommend Young Living Essential Oils over other brands and any that you can find at a local store or online retailer for several reasons. Young Living Essential Oils has established itself over the years as the premier manufacturer of the highest quality essential oils. Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through our unique Seed to Seal® process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply the most rigorous quality controls possible to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended. This being said we only offer oils that are the highest quality. If the crop does not meet our standards, we simply do not carry those oils and try again next season. 

Next step, how can I purchase the oils? There are several options for purchasing essential oils. You can purchase as a retail customer and buy just what you need, one item at a time.

However, there's another way. For those of us who love a bargain this is the best bet. You can choose to be a wholesale member. Think of this step as purchasing a membership to a big box store. This membership allows you to purchase any and all of your oils at a wholesale price for life. If you choose to sign up you will notice that your social security number is asked for. This is for tax purposes only. Should you choose to sell Young Living Essential Oils as a distributor and you make more than $600/year then you will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes. As a wholesale member you will pay wholesale pricing from here on out, 24% off. There is no monthly obligation. To maintain your ability to purchase oils at the wholesale price a purchase of $50/year must be made.

Retail Customer:
  • Do not have to purchase a starter kit
  • Pay full retail
Wholesale Customer:
  • Have to purchase a starter kit
  • 24% off retail for life
  • NO auto-ship/yearly fees
  • NO obligation to sell/promote, however if you choose to you have the opportunity to do so
There are a few starter kits available through Young Living wholesale membership. The best value is the Premium Starter Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get started: 11, 5ml bottles of the most commonly used oils, your choice diffuser (there are three to choose from), a roller ball top, 10 popular oil samples and 2 Ningxia Red samples, sample bottles and samples/pamphlets explaining them all.  This kit varies from $160-$170 depending on the diffuser you choose.
The Basic Plus Kit is the same as the Premium Starter Kit, except for the Everyday Essential oils. The only actual bottle of oil you get aside from the samples is the Citrus Fresh. Most people get this one if they are wanting a diffuser and the wholesale pricing but do not care about the 10 everyday essential oils. This kit is $75.
The Basic Starter Kit is everything in the Basic Plus excluding the Diffuser. This kit is $40. This kit is most commonly purchased by those who are just looking for the 24% off life time retail pricing.

I personally have chosen to be a Young Living Essential Oil distributor. This is because I want to share the amazing transformation that oils are having on my family with others. However, I am not out to take your money. Please read this carefully: After you select your kit you may want to click the circle that says, "No thank you" to the Essential Rewards program. If you find that you are loving essential oils and want to sign up to get this monthly shipment (product of your choice) then you can do that at a later time. This is a rewards program and by doing this monthly order you will earn free products. For me personally, when I first purchased my kit I wanted to see how often I really was using my kit before signing up. I have since become a rewards member and it has been a good choice for our family.
You bought a kit, now what?!
ALWAYS, ALWAYS, for the love of your grade school teachers, READ DIRECTIONS! If an oil says to use a carrier oil, DO. Do NOT put oils on your skin without a carrier oil (unless they say they can be applied, "neat"). Figure out what oils you can handle and which you can't but being safe and using a carrier to begin with. However, in the future something like this may happen: You could be rubbing your husbands feet and temples with a little peppermint (because he can handle peppermint) and then touch your own face (which does not do well with peppermint). If it feels a little hot, add some coconut oil to the location, not water. Science time, oils repel water! 

Do you use Pinterest? If not I suggest you do! It is so fun to see the different ways that others are using their essential oils. I have a board just for Young Living Essential Oils. 

I suggest using 2-3 drops of oils in your diffuser when you get your kit. You can increase the potency once you know how much you can handle. I started with ten, lesson learned and you all get to benefit. The peppermint on the face story may have been another first hand experience. 

Remember to always use a glass or metal container when mixing oils. When mixing oils in plastic the container may end up permanently smelling like oils. Furthermore the oils could pull some of the toxins from the plastic into your mixture. Not all plastics are as delicate as others, but just to be safe, I would suggest to always use glass or metal. 

Another great resource to have is a reference guide. This app has been wonderful to turn to. If I am experiencing an ailment I am able to type in what my, "problem," is and find different oils to try to help elevate the issue.   
Gentle Babies is also a great reference, it can be found on Amazon.

Should you choose to sell Young Living Essential Oils: 
In the first month you sign up for Young Living you have a great opportunity to get your Premium Starter Kit paid for. You can do this by selling three kits in the same month that you bought yours. You are able to do this because you have already met the requirement of an order of 50PV by the purchase of your kit. 

With that being said, in any future month that you should sell any items you will need to make a purchase of your own to equal 50PV or more. In a nut shell, you can order yourself 50PV worth of oils for free after you are paid for selling one Premium Starter Kit. 

Should you like to make commission off any order that members in your downline place after their initial kit you will need to enroll in Essential Rewards and make a purchase of 50PV-100PV/month. 

This video explains Essential Rewards better than I can.

Essential Rewards allows you to make commission. However, it also is a great way for anyone who is a frequent buyer to benefit and get points for what they are already spending and use them for free products.

One last helpful hint: You can make a direct link for customers who would like to order a kit from you. In the link below you will simply need to replace the numbers with your enrollment ID.

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