Last night I finally got to have the Ikea experience! My first opinion, "This place is as big as an airport." I really do think it might actually be as big as the Colorado Springs airport!

I was pretty pleased with the store. I was unaware that it had so much more than just furniture. There were quite a few things that I want to purchase for a baby from their kids department. I'm hoping that we will end up with a few gift cards to Ikea from our baby shower that is in exactly one month from today! The only draw back to shopping was that I didn't grab a cart to put my purse in. It was quite a work out shopping for an hour.

After shopping I got to experience Swedish meatballs with jelly. Verdict, good! I really enjoyed the pricing on everything. Now, once I buy an object that my husband has to put together we will see if the price matches the frustration of the assembly!

Here's a list of the the things I liked the most. The one thing I do plan on buy eventually is a dresser that I will use for the baby and the top will serve as a changing table. There are also some canvas bins that I would like for the top drawer for dividing diapers, wipes, etc. The greatest bib ever is also located at Ikea! It has sleeves and is basically a baby smock! Love it, once our baby is eating solids I will need to get some of those! A long way down the line I would like to purchase one of their bedroom sets, bed frame, bed side tables and a dresser. There are also quite a few cute kids room ideas that would be nice at some point.

After a long night of shopping I was toast today. Thankfully the snow that was supposed to come in today did not. So, my drive to work was just a little misty. My morning flew by, I guess that happens when you get to take an hour long nap! Unfortunately (and fortunately) my pregnancy has been text book! Today my pregnancy app was talking about how to ease back pain, low and behold I woke up all night and during my nap with back pain. Tim and I are astonished, this is probably the fifth time that I have mentioned a symptom and then looked at the app and that was the symptom that it was talking about for the day. At this rate I would not be surprised at all if our baby was born on it's due date!

Today I was able to get a few little errands done. I payed a silly photo enforced speeding ticket and on the bright side rescheduled our hospital tour! We get to go in the middle of April, which will work out just right with our due date!

I got to leave work about twenty minutes early, my boss had an appointment, what a nice treat. Who knew twenty minutes could make such a big difference in traffic, my drive home was almost enjoyable!

I did have a few goals for this evening, but I think that painting my toe nails is sounds quite a bit better than those things.

Fingers crossed that the snow stays away tomorrow as well!

Have a great night!

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