Walk the Line

There's a fine line when interacting with other people. There are some who tip toe and avoid confrontation. They never express their true feelings and concerns and then there are others. Joey on Friends said it best, "You are so far past the line you can't even see it. The line is a dot to you."

Where's the happy medium? In being pregnant I have seen an amplified amount of these types of interaction. For example, I have asked pregnancy questions on Facebook, very specific questions. I get a million and one different answers, some of which have nothing to do with the question I asked at all.

Another comment I made was about wanting a second bowl of cereal. Oh boy was that a mistake, I was bombarded with people who automatically assumed I wasn't eating correctly. Just in case you were curious, I keep a food journal (started this the day I thought I was pregnant) on any given day I get more than the suggested value of pregnancy foods (i.e. fruits, veggi's, carbs, dairy-I think I could single handedly support a local farm- and protein). I was baffled by the fact that making one simple statement that people automatically assumed that I was not of the mental compacity to take care of myself and eat well.

But then there are the others, the ones who so badly just want to touch my belly but don't out of respect for my personal space. These people are my favorite, I often offer for them to touch it and they get the biggest kick out of it!

All in all, everyone has a way of interacting with others. Stick to Johnny Cash and find the line and walk on it!


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