Last night I created an "instagram." I had seen several people on facebook using it and decided as a Mass Communications degree holder that I ought to check it out. I somewhat feel it is my duty to stay in the know with social media and all that it entails. One day I would like to own my own promotions company (Just Right) so I do think I am correct in thinking I should stay up to date. Anyway, my overall first opinion of instagram is as follows: like Pinterest, but all of your own photos. The photos are then posted via instagram and viewed by your followers. It seems like the photo version of letting people know what you are up to. Very facebook, meets twitter, meets pinterest-esk. I have decided I like it. I think that it will allow several people to express themselves via photos.

The title of this blog is, "insta-weight," we have covered the insta part ... now for the weight part. After going to the doctor for a prenatal visit I was horrified by how much weight I had gained in ten days. So much so that I didn't even want to tell my husband how much it was. I finally did tell him last night and he laughed. Everyone tries to assure you that the average weight gain is just an average. I think this is true, but it has forced me to reconsider a few of my diet choices. As mentioned in a previous blog I drink milk out the wazoo. This crazy trend is something I know that is contributing to the extra weight gain, but it's not one I'm willing to change. I figure if milk is the one and only thing that I am craving then I am going to continue to drink it because my body must need it. Plus, as cravings go, I must admit that mine is by far the most normal and healthy that I have ever heard of! But, with the help of a friend I realized that maybe my carbohydrate intake is a little high. I know I still need plenty of carbs, but the type of carbs can be altered. So, even though it will mean getting up a little earlier to create a better breakfast that's what I'm going to do. I have gotten a little relaxed when picking out bread. I used to buy two different types, one whole wheat (bagel, toast, muffins etc.) for me and then whatever Tim wanted for himself. Lately, his has looked a lot better than mine so I have taken a liking to his variety. Gone are those days, I refuse to be the pregnant woman who lets lose and just eats whatever because, "I'm pregnant." So, when I go to the store this afternoon I will make sure to purchase my version of carbs as well as a few different options for breakfast. Hopefully I can find a combination that is just right and it will allow me to stay at a healthy weight gain for this pregnancy!

Have a great day, it's Friday!

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  1. Yeah!! What a treat, I looked and expected to find 3 Weeks and instead I found 3 new posts! What a Jamie junkie I am!