Life is Like a Song

Wednesday, half way through the week...

The last few weeks I've counted my blessings while getting five hours of sleep in a row! Now, I really appreciate those hours. As for now, it's only a few hours at a time before I'm up because of some reason or another. Most often it's to frequent the restroom due to my ever growing stomach that is leaving little to no room for my bladder. The same bladder that is supposed to get more than a gallon of water a day. However, I have yet to complain about this because I know that soon my pregnancy journey will be over. I have tremendously enjoyed feeling our baby grow and move and I know I will miss this time alone with the baby.

We don't know the gender of our little bug, and in these last few weeks we have become increasingly more curious. But, not curious enough to want to find out! What a fun test of self control it has been. We decided we didn't want to know the gender of the baby as some what of a devotional. Our goal was to trust in the Lord and know that we will be provided with everything we need. As I mentioned, our baby shower was wonderful and we really did receive everything that we needed, and very few things that were just "wants." We are blessed beyond belief.

Time seems to be moving very slowly now. I am excited for this weekend, my mom and brother are coming up for my second baby shower, as well as a Rockies game. Despite the excitement I am making a full effort to enjoy every single day. There's a song out there somewhere, by some singer ... I'm horrible with songs and artist (movies and actors, totally different story) ... anyway, the song says something along the lines of enjoying today because you might not get tomorrow. So, my goal is to go to sleep every night thankful for the day I was given and feel like I made the most of the day. I think if you were able to really "live everyday like you were dying" (another song, might even be the same one, pregnancy brain) then you might have found the secret to living a just right kind of life.

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