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Today was the beginning of a new era in the mommy hood. As a family we have decided that we need more outings. Staying in the house all day is not healthy for anyone.

So, for our first outing Karoline and I went to an afternoon story time at the library. It was very neat to see her interact with all of the other kids. There was one little guy who was just about two weeks older than her, she had an easy couple pounds on him and could definitely take him...besides the point. They were adorable to watch, they were "talking" to each other and making sure that everyone knew that they were the center of attention.

We are planning to go to the library at least twice a week to enjoy the story time hours. I urge everyone to go to the library if you haven't been for some time. I find comfort in being at the library, there are so many resources and options now that were not there when we were kids. DVD's, MP3 books, the option to download PDF style books onto your smart phone, as well as audio books! Did I mention my mom is a librarian, that might be why the library is such a comforting place to me.

I had a moment where I really missed my mom today. I have a hard time with this emotion. My husband recently lost his mom, when I miss mine I think automatically to the pain he must feel missing his. I miss her too. I sure wish she would have gotten to meet our sweet Karoline. I am comforted in knowing that she knew her before we did and that she is watching over us. But, it's still hard.

So, we have the library as an outing. I'm also hoping to make it to a mommy and me group either this week or next. Another plan is to make it to the pool to take the wee one swimming.

When we lived in Canon City I always thought, "If we live in Denver there will be so much to do." Well we now live here, we ought to make sure we are doing things and enjoying our new location.

Switching gears...I started selling Pampered Chef about a month ago. It's been a nice way to fill time and I really think I am going to enjoy it in the months to come as I begin to learn more.

The woman that I signed under is quite a strong woman. She is battling breast cancer but still finds time to answer my questions, if it were me, I would feel like I would be the last of her concerns. She has two children and seems to not let the cancer slow her down. She has a blog to document her cancer journey. Reading it is painful. She is positive in the way that she takes it as it is. The bold horrible truth. I feel that admitting the situation is a feat in itself. To anyone who happens to read this post...please say a prayer for her and her family. Send positive thoughts!

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