PJ Day

Today was a fun day with my daughter. We spent the whole day in our pajamas! She slept on schedule every two hours for an hour at a time, once it was even an hour and fifteen minutes. I actually found myself waiting for her to get up. I miss her when she is sleeping, silly I know. Thank goodness I'm a stay at home mom.

Karoline had more bananas today, it's going well. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with her and to be able to make our own baby food. With being able to breastfeed her as well as make our own baby food we are literally saving thousands. However, that's not the important part...we know exactly what she is drinking and eating! I love this! I'm hoping that when we have a garden I can even grow some of her food, is that organic or what!

I closed my second Pampered Chef show today. I am so thrilled, I reached my 30 day milestone! This means I will get a rebate on my start up kit as well as some money to spend on Pampered Chef products and I still get a check too. This has been a great move for me. I'm excited because I am also using what I learned in school to promote my business as well as stay organized.

Karoline was such a little cutie all day, very happy and smiling. She hardly cried at all, amazing what enough sleep will do for a baby.

The last couple of nights I've noticed something around bed time. She gets slap happy! Completely giggly and smiley and almost gets a second wind. But, sadly I have to put her down for the night, again I miss her. I know she needs the rest though, and so do I.

Have a great night everyone. There's always a bright side.

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