Bye, Bye, Baby

This last Friday Tim turned 31! I think it's safe to say he had a good day. In the morning he went golfing, then we all went to lunch at a burger place. The burgers were amazing! After lunch we came home and he opened presents. His big gift was a remote control helicopter. Yesterday he was playing with it and said it might possibly be the best birthday gift he's ever received. It was great, he plays with it like a little kid and the look on his face matches his excitement. Now what to do for next year ... 

The following day, December 1, 2012, our baby girl decided it was time to crawl! We were both blessed to have been here and to have seen it. I am so happy for her, she's wanted to be able to move for so long. She was so proud of her and we were equally! 

This morning when I went in to get Karoline (early-she's been getting up a little before 7, not sure what's up with that) she was still so excited that she can crawl. Watching her grow and accomplish things is down right thrilling! 

Tomorrow we have a busy day ahead. I need to run to the store and the post office. Then at 9:30 a woman is coming over for us to donate breast milk to her adopted daughter, Jaime. I'm excited to be able to help another family. After she leaves we will pack up and head out to take some play mats over to Karoline's friends house. Xander is a few months younger than Karoline and it is working out great for us to share all of her baby items with him just as soon as she is done with them. It's great to know that they are going to get good use and that we will get them back when he is done. There are so few people that it seems you can trust with your things and I know that Xander's mom is one of them. Refreshing. We will get back in the car and head over to see my cousin to pick up some new toys for Karoline from her daughter. I absolutely love getting things second hand or free from other mommies who just want to see the items get good use! 

Back in the car we will go to head to pick up a few items from my grandma's house for my Pampered Chef show tomorrow evening. We will also need to pick up a one more thing from the store that I can't get in the morning (needs to be refrigerated). 

Karoline will get to stay with her nana and papa. She has never gone to bed with out me before and I am hoping that she will do a good job for them. Luckily I don't need to leave until about 5:45 so she will get a chance to have a little bit of mommy time before I go. Praying she does well and that she doesn't yell at them too much. Sometimes the only way for her to fall asleep is to cry for about 10 minutes. But, I'm not sure if my mom can handle her crying. Guess I shouldn't worry, they will figure it out one way or another. Or they will put her in the car and drive around until I am done. 

I have a lot on my plate for the Pampered Chef show I am doing tomorrow. Hoping I will be organized enough to have everything done properly and quickly. No one wants to stick around for hours on a Monday night. 

That's it for Monday, now for Tuesday! We will get up early and see my mom off to work, head over to see Karoline's Papa Reed, go take back the Pampered Chef items to my grandma, go see Karoline's Great Grandma DeBekker and go see my friend Alicia (both are in the hospital). Somewhere in there we will have lunch with my mom. We will head back up to our house no later than 1:00pm so that we miss all of the yucky afternoon traffic!

So, I think that's it. This blog may have been more so to get my brain thinking in the right order so that I remember everything. Thanks for reading to my mental map out!

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