Today was a great day with my sweet girl. Despite waking up to hear her screaming at 5 am (I think she may have had a bad dream) the day was a fun one! Today Tim played hide and go seek with Karoline, he didn't realize she was so good at that game. She was stumped when he hid under a blanket, until she saw his toe sticking out!

Peek-a-boo has always been a fun game. However, now the tables have turned and Karoline hides herself. She will pull a towel or scarf over her face and pull it down with a smile just waiting for someone to say, "peek-a-boo!" When you ask, "Where's Karoline?" she will put the scarf back over her face. She is so smart, I love her ability to pick up a new task every day! Time is going by so quickly.

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