Ready or Not

Our little peanut is going so quickly and she has several new tricks. She now shakes her head "no" when she is told no. She also will shake her head no when she gets close to "no" objects (outlets, entertainment center, etc). This is pretty cute and you have to see it to get the full effect.

Sweet baby girl also has found her tongue, this is pretty cute.

I know I've said it for quite some time now but I think we are maybe close to a tooth, or the fussiness from today was her way of expressing her displeasure with not being able to walk yet. She is so close to walking, she has taken up to 5 steps. She is so proud of herself when she does take steps. When she happens to plop back down on her bottom she is thoroughly frustrated.

The last two days I have put Karoline in the car and she has done really well. The screaming has been minimal and she actually doesn't seem to mind being in the car, this has been really nice, I hope she keeps it up. The yelling was awfully hard to deal with. Funny thing is now I am constantly waiting for her to get fussy so I am still on edge. When my mom came to visit last weekend Karoline was just about horrible in the car. I think she is so excited that her nana is here that she wants nothing to do with being away from her. Just an add on to her visit, we took Karoline swimming and it was a blast! She also got to go for a nice walk with her nana and she seemed to really enjoy it.

I think I am too hard on myself when it comes to being a "good parent." I want so badly to do the right thing that some times I don't just enjoy the now. I look back at when Karoline was a new born and I think about how I constantly was trying to keep up with the house work and cooking and cleaning. Note to self, never move right after a baby is born. Anyway, I now know that it is ok to just hold the baby and to send someone out to get food. I am trying to make sure that the lessons I learned from the newborn stage are put into practice now. The hard part about being the stay at home mom is knowing that yes, it is ok to leave the dishes in the sink for a little while. But, at some point you have to do something about them. I have been told that I can't just relax and that I am always doing something, this is true. But, if I don't do the cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc, who will? I suppose it is just finding the right balance.

Well, I suppose I ought to get to bed, never know how much sleep you are going to get when you have a baby. Sleep while you can!

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