Things In Your Hair

As I sat down to write this I verbally expressed the comfort of sitting. It's been a long day. Karoline has always slept in a sleep sack (pretty much like a wearable blanket), for a long time she had her hands free at the end of her sleeves. Recently we made the decision to cover them since she could pull herself up on things. This decision probably wasn't the best one, kind of like placing a band aid on a wound that needs stitches. However, it was the decision we made. So, last night we decided it was time to let her have her hands back. We did not put her in a sleep sack, just her pajamas and made sure her room was set to the temperature that she prefers (about 70*). At 7:30pm she woke up, stood up, looked around and went back to sleep. I was so excited and thought, "Okay, we can do this." Well, come 3:30am she stood up and was screaming, I gave her a few minutes before rushing right in. She calmed down and played in her crib, but after an hour she began to tire and the screaming started again. At this point in time I decided to go in and try to calm her down with out picking her up. Yea, right. I caved, I nursed her and got her back to sleep and we all slept until 7:30am. Normally our mornings are pretty easy, Karoline plays while I sit and watch her or we read books while Tim sleeps. Today she was just fit to be tied and cried and cried all morning. If I was holding her she wanted down, when I put her down she wanted me to hold her. When it came time to try for a morning nap after about two hours of pretty much constant screaming she wanted nothing to do with her crib. But, she did fall asleep only due to sure exhaustion. She actually fell asleep with her face on the bars of her crib on her knees. We didn't feel it was right to leave her like this. I'm sure you can only guess that trying to move her to her back didn't work and she was up. I took her to the store with me in hopes of getting her a change of scenery. She did ok for the most part. At lunch I stripped her down and let her feed herself avocado (her favorite), she enjoyed this for a while, it resulted in a sink bath which she also seemed to like. When Tim headed off to work I was dreading the fact that I knew we would have to go through another battle of the nap with out her sleep sack. I caved, I didn't even stick to my guns for a full 24 hours. However, not 60 seconds in that sleep sack and she was out cold. I know she was tired but I have decided the sleep sack must be comforting to her. The only reason I wanted to take her out of it was because she has started to try and pull herself up in it and slips. My new plan of action is to let her sleep in it, why not. When she is awake enough to pull herself up in it then I guess that means it is time to get up. I am sure that come summer time or as soon as she is old enough she won't want to be in it anymore. For now, she can stay in it, if she's happy then I am happy!

Enough of that ... the last couple of days have been pretty eventful as far as "firsts" for Karoline. She made her first mess by opening my water bottle and getting completely soaked. After she played in it for a while she started saying "mama," and crawled my way. Funny girl. she also has been propping herself up on her toes and hands, it looks like she may get herself to the walking position soon!

You may be wondering about the title of this post, right? I've decided that just one party of being a parent means finding stuff in your hair. Just now after cleaning up lunch I went into the bathroom and had butter in my hair and I have no clue how it got there. Yesterday Tim had Karoline on his shoulders and she spit up on his head. I have also come to the realization that I was over confident about being a parent. I though it would be easier. I thought that after being a nanny for several babies that I would be able to figure out our baby, I was wrong. Karoline is worth every struggle and every ounce of frustration while I try to figure out what is wrong. I am so thankful for the blessing that she is and that she was a planned addition to our family. Every time she smiles, laughs, talks or does pretty much anything I am so over joyed and proud and I forget that she has just been yelling and screaming at me for the past two hours. I guess I am making this realization to say that I sure wish that all babies are blessed to be a part of a family that is ready for the undertaking. Having a baby is hard work, it's the job that I've always wanted and I am so happy to have my sweet girl. I pray that all babies are loved the way that I love her. That parents will always be able to see the bright side and know that the crying and the frustration will end and that sweet babies really are just trying to tell you what is wrong in the only way they know how. Karoline has been asleep (in her sleep sack) for 40 minutes now, I am going to take advantage of this time and go lay down myself. Here's to a happy and well rested afternoon!

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