A Great Day

Today was such a fun day with my girl. This afternoon when Tim went to work Karoline and I got ready to go swimming. We headed over to the pool with out any screaming in the car, which was wonderful!

When we got to the pool I was able to get myself ready and Karoline as well with out her even making a peep. We played in the pool for about 20 minutes. She got a kick out of being able to stand up in the pool. She also enjoyed playing in her yellow floaty ring. Once her little hands started to get a little chilly we packed up and headed to the changing room. Again, no crying as we got ready and it really was just wonderful.

After swimming we got in the car and went up the road to do a little Walmart shopping. I had so much fun shopping with my girl. She enjoys sitting in the cart and looking around. On the way home she was a little fussy but eventually fell asleep.

Once we got into the house we had a great night. After bath time Karoline wasn't quite ready for bed so we played and laughed and just enjoyed each others company. I really feel like today I understood what she needed and she understood me. I know that tomorrow can be different but today was just wonderful. I really had a great day with my sweet girl.

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