Lemon Aid

Good morning world!

This morning I am letting Karoline have a little alone play time. I am of course sitting about 5 feet away from her but she is self entertaining very well. Sometimes I feel like I have to be right down with her every second of every day but really I know that she does need to learn to play on her own and she is doing a fabulous job.

Well, the house that we absolutely adored is off the market now. When Tim told me this last night when he came to bed and I was in a pretty deep sleep I simply replied, "There must be something better." I whole heartedly believe what I said in my sleepy state. I know that the house we fell in love with was shown to us so that we would not settle for anything less that something we adore.

In other news, I was sent two scam emails through my Pampered Chef website. I am a little appalled that there are people in the world who sit around and do things of this nature. I had a feeling something was a little fishy but I didn't want to assume the worst and wanted to have faith in people. I hope that the person behind this scam realizes that what they are doing is wrong and stops.

The last couple posts I have made comments about television. Low and behold last night just a few hours before Duck Dynasty is supposed to record our DirectTV just stops working for no apparent reason. Tim and I are pretty fed up with the fact that we seem to always have issues with our internet, phones or TV provider. Why don't things just work the way they are supposed to? But, it is small "issues" like this that are a good time to reflect on the fact that we are living with first world problems and they are not even problems at all. So, today I am thankful for all the items and things that make our day to day life so easy and very blessed.

I hope that everyone that has taken the time to read today's post feels the same way when they run across a hiccup in their day. Make lemon aid from lemons my friends!

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