It's been a while since I've taken the time to blog. I know I need to make it a priority but once Karoline is in bed I love to just sit and do nothing for a little bit!

However, I needed to make sure I took a minute to give a Karoline update ...
Karoline now has complete recognition of objects! In the bath tub I asked her, "Where's your duck?" She scooted over and picked up her yellow rubber duck and held it up with such pride. She can also retrieve socks, shoes, her blanket, and her stuffed puppies on command. She can find her water cup when I ask if she needs a drink and she also goes to the pantry when she is hungry. I am in awe with how much she is learning and how quickly. Another fun recognition, when we were at the park she saw a real dog and still was saying pu pu pu (puppy). Not only does she know her toy puppy but she knows real puppies too! My mother's heart is full of pride. I am so thankful to be her mommy.

Today we received such a great blessing that is a true reminder that we must always trust. "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed in the man who trusts Him!" -Psalm 34:8

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