Pointing Things Out

Well, we have a bonified pointer. In the last few days Karoline has blown me away with her ability to learn new objects. Last night I showed her a match box car and I "drove" it around. After giving her the car she got on her knees and pushed it around as well and attempted to make the same "vroom vroom" sounds I was making. It amazes me that she only has to be shown something one time to learn how to do it. Side note: funny story she has to be told no several times to get that point across. She sure is a determined and sometimes stubborn little thing, no clue where she gets that from. Anyway, this morning when I brought her toys out I noticed that the same car we were playing with was sitting next to her toy box. I asked her, "Karoline where is your car?" She pointed right at the car, said, "car" and brought it right to my hand. She is such a smarty pants!

The other day while watching Karoline on FaceTime my mom said that she was sure that all Nana's think their grand-babies are smart but that Karoline has to be gifted. I of course feel the same, so it got me to thinking about what I can do to help her learn. I'm really looking forward to moving into our home so that we can explore more outside as well as do crafts. It's kind of hard to let a child have creative freedom when you are worried about ruining carpet that is not yours. In our new house the mail floor is hard wood so she will have the whole area to create and play with out worry. Thank goodness for Pinterest, I have so many ideas that I can't wait to pursue!

Tomorrow I get to do a big shopping trip... you know you're a mom when you are excited to go grocery shopping!

Blessings to all.

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