Pillow Cases

We had such a nice weekend just enjoying our time together and family. Saturday morning I went to IKEA and picked up our bedside tables and our dresser. Tim spent most of the day putting them together and they look great! We love them and are definitely impressed with the quality of the products. We will most definitely be shopping at IKEA again for our furniture and would recommend it to anyone. Tim said he can see how someone could get confused while putting the furniture together but that would be an operator error. He was rather impressed by how laid out the instructions were and the corresponding parts. 

On Sunday my mom, Karoline and myself went to the zoo, and we had a great. It was so nice to be able to use our zoo pass again. We were able to go in early and get through half of the park and ride the carrousel before it got too hot and too crowded. It was just right! While we were at the zoo Tim and Scottie went golfing and they had a really enjoyable time too. 

Sunday afternoon we went to dinner at our favorite fish taco place, Rubio's! 

Today we spent the morning cleaning up and getting the house back in order. About an hour before bedtime we had a delivery, our sheets made it here! I opened up the sheets and Karoline immediately went to the blankets and snuggled in. She loves blankets! At one point I looked over and she had a pillow case around her back and neck like a cape. When I asked her to look at me she had the pillow up to her head a little (very Virgin Marry looking). Her sweet adorable face was just perfect. She was so pleased with herself to be able to have gotten the pillow case to that location! That face is one that I will never forget, my innocent and cute little baby girl.

I should also mention that today is mine and Tim's 3rd anniversary. So much has happened in just three years and I'm looking forward to all of the years to come! 

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