Long time no blog

Finding time to blog has become something that has been pushed to the back of my agenda. I need to work on taking the time. At some point I think I would even like to redo the layout of my blog... someday. 

I suppose a quick recap of what's going on in our lives is in order. 

Tim received his first promotion at work. I'm beyond proud and know that he will only continue to work his way up. This week he was also invited to take his very first business trip to the brewery in Trenton, OH. He's never been east of the Mississippi. Again, I'm pretty stoked for this opportunity for him. He's such a great guy and I'm thankful that his work ethic is noticed by others. 

Karoline is growing and learning at such a remarkable pace. She completely understands everything we say to her and now can respond with short answers. She's such a doll. 

I have found that I am not the only one who feels like I'm alone. Alone in the sense that there are no friends near by that are the kind of friends that you can just show up or meet up on a moments notice. Several of my friends have told me they feel the same way. I am really hoping that as I am able to continue to get more involved with Karoline that we will find some friends. Friends that fit our family, dads get along, moms get along and the kiddos can play. Hopefully one day. 

It's been raining non stop for the last few days and I had really enjoyed the rain until today. I hadn't watched the news in a while and apparently their is flooding occurring all around us. Hoping and praying that everyone makes smart choices and listens to the warnings. 

Well, I've rediscovered that typing at night also has a knack for putting me to sleep. Good night!

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