What's in a name?

What's in a name? For an A-type blogger, apparently a lot. A few days back I purchased my own domain name for my blog. So long, ".blogspot," and good riddance. It was quite liberating to have a domain name and now a much more professional looking blog. My domain cost me $12. The updates to my page have all been free and completed with some helpful hints from a friend and Pinterest.

If I'm being completely honest there are days that I find myself jealous of those who have, "more." There were times that I was tempted to purchase a template for my page. However, when I sit back and look at how I am able to accomplish things with little to no money it makes me thankful for my clearance rack personality, thanks mom and Auntie Liz! I would like to think that this is also appreciated by my husband. By being aware and sparing when I spend money on extras it is a small way to show him I appreciate how hard he works for our family.

So, here it is, the not so grand reveal of my new website/blog. The pages are updated and I hope to add more pages soon. Enjoy!

Pictures always make a post better. Even if it's a little blurry and the small child is less than thrilled (she's been a real pistol since turning one folks). Even grumpy and angry looking she is still adorable! 

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