Heavy Load

Last Wednesday I took my husband to have ACL reconstruction surgery. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I thought it would be easy. I didn't prep meals, or set up help with the lawn, I almost didn't even have a baby sitter for surgery. 

I should have over prepped. It was a rough couple days. Maybe not rough but constant. Ok, it was rough.

On Friday just hours after taking Tim to Physical Therapy I had to return to the same building to get him another prescription. I wasn't thrilled, who has time for that. 

Upon leaving my mom (the baby sitter for surgery day-- thank you mom), the girls and I were hit by a driver who had missed his exit and cut across all three lanes of traffic to make an illegal U turn. I had no choice but to hit him. I knew there was no one behind me but was unsure if there were cars next to me and could not swerve. No one was hurt and we hardly felt the impact at all. 

This accident of course came with its fair share of phone calls and paper work. But if I had to do it all again, I would. Shout out to Country Financial for making this a seamless process. We ended up with two brand new car seats. 
It's been hot, don't judge the naked child.

We will have a rental car for a week. Here's the kicker, our loan on our van was paid in full AND we will also receive a check in the mail that is just about the same amount as what was paid on our van. I guess you could say my car accident was an investment in a weird way. Throughout this process I've tried to stay calm and focus on all of the positives. A broken microwave, falling down the stairs and a child with a fever of 102.7° for two days can't keep me down. I just keep thinking about Esther 4:14, that moment can be any moment. 

I've found myself wound up and anxious throughout the process from time to time. And then I read this ... 
On a grand scale my week has been a walk in the park compared to some. For me this is a lot in one week and I have to give that credit. However, it's all on me. I choose how I will carry this load. Lately I really have to focus on not getting worked up or ahead of myself. I'm having to ignore messes like this ... 
This "mess" is allowing my girls to play and me a minute of sitting down, something I really don't do often. 

I've picked going to the park over going to the store to allow for more enjoyable moments with my girls. 
We went to this park while Tim was in Physical Therapy... We didn't stay long after I saw this!!

There will always be something that I "need" to do. There will be a long list of things I "want" to do for years. Now I'm focusing on how I carry my load. I was breaking my own back (funny enough my fall down the stairs resulted in a nice bruise and scratch on my back). I was getting ahead of myself mentally and physically, you really should get down the stair before taking your next step. As I sit and watch the girls play I am fighting off the urge to vacuum and keep the house the way I like it. I know that all too soon my house will be the way I want it to be and I'll be wishing for messes. 

Here's to going out for dinner for the first time in months (even if it is to Chick-Fil-A with a gift card) and enjoying now, instead of stressing over meal prep. Here's to Cheerios in the carpet and an insane amount of sticky finger prints all over the house. 

Re-evaluate your load! I know my pack will need lightening from time to time. Thank you to our friends who have helped me lighten my load. Thank you to those that watched our girls. 
Mowed our lawn and brought us ice cream (my go to) and bacon (because, "What guy doesn't like bacon?") and toys for the girls.

To the friends who offered and I knew I could count on if we needed you, thank you.

We have been in our house for two years and have made a group of great friends. One last goal I have for myself (and for all of you), make more friends, lots of friends. Friends are good for the soul. They will be there when your load gets heavy and that is an immeasurable blessing. 

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